Professional team at Sellers Alley is highly committed to providing Amazon PPC services and exclusively tailored advertising campaigns.


Our team completely understands the complexity of Amazon marketplace and unique challenges that your brand can face in such a competitive environment. That is why our approach to clients is different. We start with a bigger picture in mind, but along the way we recognize and focus on details that can help us improve and set your product apart.


Sellers Alley is a unique place where PPC advertising professionals come together to provide the most suitable strategies that satisfy your brand’s needs and requirements. Our main advantage is having over 8 years of experience working with clients form various industries.


Our success is based on creating a strategic partnership with you by learning about your business goals and your products. With specifically designed strategy we aim to remove all obstacles and put your brand in forward motion.


By decreasing your click rates and lowering your ACoS, and as a result we help your business increase ROI and profits. Also, by optimizing backend keywords for all your listings, we make sure the visibility of your products goes up.


Every solution and suggestion we bring to the table is backed by data and a thorough analysis.


Our work is completely transparent and you will be provided with a very detailed reports of results such as ACoS, net ROI, for the whole account as well as for the individual product (SKU). So you can always be on top of your accounts’ development and growth.



Keywords are the main targeting method used in Amazon PPC.
That's why we conduct a full keyword research for you, harvesting both positive and negative keywords. This way we can optimize your campaigns and product listings by narrowing the search funnel.


We provide you with all Amazon PPC advertising and listing insights.
We continuously monitor your products and compare them with competition, providing invaluable information on how your Amazon listings can stand out even more.
We offer a private channel through which you can reach us and discuss anything Amazon related.


Our job doesn’t end when the PPC advertising campaigns are up.
We constantly monitor your campaigns and make necessary changes to keyword bids and rankings as the account progresses.
Campaigns will in time generate numerous positive and negative keywords that can be harvested, allowing for further campaign optimization and ACoS improvement.


Once the Keyword research is complete we move on to the next stage, which is Backend Optimization.
If your product is not indexed correctly it will fail in organic search and make any PPC advertising effort obsolete. Everything needs to be in tune so you can sell on Amazon effectively.


Once the keyword research is done and listings are optimized, we proceed with creating Amazon PPC advertising campaigns.
We will create as many Amazon campaigns and ad groups as your seller listings require to sell at optimum rates with the lowest ACoS possible.
We support both Seller Central and Amazon Marketing Services.


You will get a front row seat to all that is happening with your accounts through a private chatroom. In addition you will receive a full sellers report at the end of each month.
The reports allow you to track your listings effectively, and monitor your return on investment (ROI) across all listed products (SKUs).
We want you to know what is happening with your Amazon sellers account at all times.


We have been working with Sellers Alley for about a year now. They are TOP notch! We had been through 2 PPC ‘experts’ prior who commanded a nice salary, but did not pay any attention to details or our requests. Within 2 weeks of working with them, our ad spend decreased by half under his supervision. Fast forward a year and Sellers Alley team is now a permanent part of our own! Even when our business budget gets tight, we find creative ways to shuffle things around and keep them on board. They really dive in deep and truly care about our accounts. We would not want to be in the competitive Amazon space without these guys on our side.




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