Introducing Amazon Stores

Learn how to create unique Brand store

Introducing Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores are introduced by Amazon recently creating a possibility for brand owners to design and create pages as a showcases for their brands.



By introducing Stores and your storefront Amazon wants brand owners to create “new shopping experience”.



Print allOne of the most important things: You will receive traffic from Amazon search and detail pages

So how do you create them?


By using intuitive and pretty simple Store Builder you can use templates already prepared for you. By adding your Rich media content such as Videos, Texts and Images you can create unique brand store!

If you are vendor, you can create Amazon Store directly from Amazon Marketing Services by clicking on dedicated Stores tab.

Amazon Stores can have from one to multiple pages. Each page has Header and Footer with number of content tiles between them. 

Each Amazon Store can be created under three templates:

Marquee –  Designed as brand gateway page

Highlight – Showcase for your products

Product Grid – Used to show many different products on one page

  1. Hero Image
  2. Logo
  3. Navigation Bar
  4. Text Tile
  5. Image Tile
  6. Combined Text and Image Tile




When you are done, you should Submit your Store for publishing:






Before you publish your Amazon Store, you should check for the following: 


  1.  Spelling or punctuation errors. 
  2. All changes are included in the draft version. 
  3. Use the mobile preview to make sure that your Amazon Store is optimized for mobile experience. 
  4. Check your images and videos to make sure that any text in them can be easily viewed (including on mobile). 


Amazon Stores are available on both Amazon Marketing Services and Seller Central.