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A Perfect PPC Agency For Your Advertising Goals

Having a PPC agency to handle advertising for your business has become crucial in the past years. The only way to keep ahead of your growing competition on Amazon and Google is to use advanced PPC strategies, which isn’t a simple task. So the best thing a seller can do is find a dedicated agency that has mastered PPC advertising while following the latest advertising trends.

Here at Sellers Alley, we can proudly say that we’re committed to improving our services and overall knowledge every day. This dedication led us to expand our services, so besides Amazon PPC, we now offer Google Ads, Amazon DSP, and TikTok advertising. With that being said, here are four reasons to choose us!

Dedication to Your PPC Account

PPC agency - Sellers Alley

PPC experts at Sellers Alley have daily and weekly tasks for the accounts and account optimization. Their daily and weekly tasks include positive and negative keyword harvesting, placement and bidding optimization, creation of new campaigns, and an overall check of the account, including weekly/monthly reports. Every single one of these tasks ensures our specialists take care of your account at every moment. 

Our PPC agency is always one step ahead, thanks to using our knowledge and experience to predict upcoming changes and adjust optimization accordingly. 

By continually expanding and improving the level of expertise at Sellers Alley, we have more confidence in each other, motivating us to take the same approach with each account and seller. 

Great Communication

PPC agency - Sellers Alley

Communication has always been the key to our success. Great communication leads to excellent cooperation, which presents our communication team’s focus, whatever the situation might be. Our idea is to build relationships with our clients that will hopefully last for a long time. Excellent communication does not come by itself. It takes a lot of work, dedication, patience, and knowledge to succeed in what we do.

As our client, you can expect us to always be there for you, for every problem you might encounter. By choosing Sellers Alley, you’ll always have a team of committed people aiming to achieve your business goals. You can expect us to be respectful, react on time, take criticism, and use it to improve our work. We take great pride in our communication, and we are improving it every day. All of this is crucial for building business relationships, trust, and significant results! 

Quality Education Hours 

PPC agency - Sellers Alley

We know that constant education and learning new things help us go in the right direction. You can expect us to always be on the move, looking for new updates or new campaign types to create and stay up to date with the developing PPC world.

Our PPC agency always strives to improve our work and clients' results. That is why we enjoy every new challenge and task that will put us to the test. The results are always satisfying: an improved workflow, new skills, and the client's sales going up. 

Always Up to Date 

PPC agency - Sellers Alley

As mentioned above, we will always be up to date. Thanks to our podcast with guest experts, and regular weekly blogging, we have great content for anybody interested in what we do and how we do it. We continually share our knowledge, tips, tricks, and more. Expect to see many new things in the future, but we like to take one giant step at a time. 

Our dedicated specialists passionately explore new trends and love to introduce new things to our clients. If you choose us, you’ll always be up to date as we send you PPC news and regular updates through Slack, our primary communication channel.

To Conclude

Over the past few years, our team has grown significantly thanks to colleagues that work diligently on every PPC account. This growth has brought us to some meaningful collaborations. Among our proudest accomplishments is the cooperation with Thrasio, the fastest growing unicorn in the United States. The latest addition to our outstanding results is when we became the official advertising partner of TikTok, the fastest growing social network globally.

Every member of our family is an expert in what they do, whether it is PPC management, communication, finances, administration, or creative work. 

As experts, we love to share knowledge. As a client, you can expect us to always be on top of the mission!

About the author 

Luka is the Account Assistant at Sellers Alley, and ever since he joined the team he was engaged in communication with clients. He has a degree in communication, and with his previous experience in event organization and client communication, he was the perfect fit for our team! 


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