5 Amazon advertising tips you should implement in your strategy

Amazon advertising tips

There are no “get rich overnight” tips that will help you grow your sales, but there are many that will help you out when combined together. Reading this post, you’ll earn a bit more about the Amazon advertising tips that are definitely worth implementing in your current PPC strategy.

#1  Use Video Ads

Having a flashy video auto play when a shopper is browsing through the search results can quickly change up their mind so they pick your product instead of competitors. Recently released video ads that are a part of the Sponsored brand campaigns have proven that they show excellent results. This type of ads is more appealing to the customers as the product shown in the video can be seen in use and it intrigues the shopper more than the standard sponsored brand ad. Video ads have their requirements that need to be followed.

Video ads strategy Amazon

How to set up a Sponsored Brands video campaign?

Creating a video ad is really simple. All you have to do is create a video that’s up to 45 seconds long and at least 1280x720p. Go into the campaign manager and start creating a new campaign.
Select Sponsored Brand campaign and choose the video ad, add keywords and that’s it!

#2 Use Custom Image Ads

Sponsored Brand campaigns with custom images have a higher conversion rate, look better and bring you more clicks. Instead of having plain Sponsored Brand ads, add a custom image and you’ll have something that stands out from the competition. There are also requirements and guidelines for the custom image but it’s something that’s easily achievable. Keep in mind that the custom image ads are in beta and that they’re not available to everyone yet.

How to set up a Sponsored Brands custom image campaign? 

Creating the SB Custom image campaign is pretty much the same as creating a standard one except you can choose the option “include a custom image in supported placements”. Before creating a campaign it’s important that you spend some time creating a nice and appealing image that will catch shoppers attention.

#3 Use Penny Auto Campaigns

Getting an extra couple of sales per month for each ASIN that you’re advertising at a really low ACoS sounds good, right? Well, that’s possible. Having auto campaigns set up with really low bids get you those extra sales. It costs almost nothing and the results end up being pretty good.

Penny campaigns strategy Amazon

How to set up Penny Auto Campaigns? 

Penny campaigns are fairly easy to set up. If you have a few ASINs you can do them manually and if you’re having a lot of them bulk campaign creation is a great choice. Simply create 1 auto campaign per 1 ASIN and set the bids between $0.8 and $0.11. 

#4 Create non-performer campaigns

It’s totally normal that not all the keywords are working in your campaigns but before pausing those keywords, why not give them another shot? It’s proven that campaigns that have a lot of keywords can push some keywords more than the others even if the bids are the same. If you’re having keywords that are spending money in a 30 or 60 day period and are making no sales, they’re perfect candidates for the non-performer campaigns. It’s a strategy that a lot of people overlook and just think they’re not important but sales can actually be gained from it.

Non performer campaigns Amazon

How to set up non-performer campaigns? 

Setting up the non-performer campaigns is quite a bit of a process. First you should select a campaign that you want to start working on, go through all the ad groups and filter the keywords that had no sales but have spent in the last 30 or 60 days. Export those keywords and pause them in them in the ad groups. When you have compiled a list of keywords you can go on and create a new campaign adding those keywords in the exact match type. Don’t set the bids too high, around the suggested bid should be fine.

#5 Use Sponsored Display product targeting

Having Sponsored Display product targeting campaigns could be crucial for your products. Targeting your own products and not letting the competitors take the ad spot or heavily bidding on the competitor and taking away their shoppers. The product targeting option can be found while creating the Sponsored Display campaign under the “targeting” options. It’s a relatively new feature but so far it’s showing pretty good results.

How to set up Sponsored Display product targeting campaigns?

Creating the campaign is straightforward, however, it’s suggested that you pick the ASINs from your existing auto or ASIN targeting campaigns as your display campaign will perform better in that case. Targeting the products that you already take sales away from with the display campaign will make an impact on your competitors even more and will improve your sales.

Wrapping it up

Using these Amazon advertising tips can definitely bring an addition to your existing strategy. Boosting your sales and getting a few more from these tips can increase your revenue quite a bit depending how many products you’re selling.

Don’t be afraid to try different advertising options before you find what works best for your products. For example, if you have products which can be presented with a cool video, you should definitely do it since not everyone is using this type of ads.  Also, be sure to always be one step ahead of your competition so use Sponsored Display product targeting options. This way, you will ensure that your products are always on top of search and also on top of shoppers minds. 

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