5 reasons to start advertising with Google Ads

Google Ads

The marketing world has changed dramatically in recent years, and Google Ads is one of the pioneer platforms driving this transformation. As a company, Google takes up to 80% of the entire global online digital network advertising revenue. In addition, 96% of the company’s income comes from advertising.

Besides, Google Ads is one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising since it provides the most enhanced and precise targeting opportunities and many automated options based on machine learning.

Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons why you should start using Google Ads.

Massive Reach

Google isn’t just a Big Tech company famous for its search engine; the term “to google” is, in fact, a transitive verb. Many people are also adding “googling” as a skill in their resumes.

Google Ads

When people search for solutions to their problems, their first stop is usually Google

As the world’s largest search engine, many see it as the best place for getting answers online. On average, internet users perform 3 to 4 searches on Google each day, and 2.4 million searches happen through it every minute.

Google Search Engine provides you an option to stand out from competitors by advertising your product or service exactly when the potential customer is searching for it. You should take advantage of Google Ads, considering that Google reaches 90% of internet consumers.

User Intent

The user intent is maybe the most significant difference between Google Ads and other advertising formats.

Take social media platforms, for example. They serve as places where people look for friends’ pictures, vacation photos, family birthday updates, etc. Since people probably aren’t looking for problem solutions there, but to keep in touch with friends and extended family, they won’t be interested in viewing ads on social media. If you are serving ads to someone at an inconvenient time, they will probably turn you down.

On the search network, though, things are quite the opposite. You are bidding on high intent keywords and showing your ads at the moment when users are looking for a specific product or service. 

Complete Control Over Campaigns

Google Ads dashboard is highly user-friendly for controlling your campaigns regarding start and finish date, budget, running hours, etc. 

You can allocate any budget which suits your specific financial situation, and you are not limited to any spending since it can always be modified (instantly). You can adjust your highest cost-per-click (maximum bid) so that you are not competing against other businesses, ultimately chewing most of your budget.

Besides adjusting budgets and bids, you can adapt geo-targeting, running hours, demographics, and add negative placements and keywords to limit your bids and budgets optimally.

Best of all, when your Google Ads account gathers enough data, you are eligible to use automated bidding options based on machine learning and adjust your bids automatically.

Quicker Results Than SEO

Good SEO is the backbone of every highly visited website. The best strategy is to have both paid and organic search strategies integrated when developing your online presence.

A good SEO consists of well-written copy with carefully researched keywords and many backlinks over time (still the number one ranking factor for web pages). 

It can be years before you get to see one of your pages in the coveted first position for a broad keyword search term. Some businesses will never see it.

When you get started with Google, though, your chance of leapfrogging all the organic results on a search engine results page grows exponentially, and it grows easier too. There’s no endless search for links that will bump your page up just a bit, and there is no poring over keyword density on your post-click landing page.

Easy to Track and Understand

Google has made it very simple for you to track everything that happens in your Google Ads campaign, from the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions on the website, to phone calls and so on. Tracking is crucial because you will never improve campaigns if you don’t know what is working and what isn’t.

Your campaign optimization score will let you precisely know what you can do to reach a 100% score and have a well-ran ad that will bring in quality conversions. 

For instance, if your score is 80%, Google Ads may show you need better keywords or more ad groups. It makes it very easy to maximize your campaign’s potential and ensure you spend your budget well.


The Google Ads network has something for businesses of all sizes, offering solutions for brands with various budgets and advertising goals. You can target different audiences, taking advantage of Google’s enormous user reach. By placing your ads on Google, you have the chance to present your product or service to potential buyers at the right place and at the right time. 

You have complete control of your Google Ads campaigns, thanks to a user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard. Tracking and understanding metrics is easier, and getting desired results is faster than with SEO.

It covers multiple platforms like YouTube, Display Network, and Search engine. Google Ads allows you to combine different targeting options, share data between channels and develop an integrated multi-channel strategy that will capture your audiences at various stages of their purchase journey. 

We’ve covered some of the top reasons why you should start using Google Ads for your advertising. If you want to learn more about it and see how we can help you increase profits and sales, visit our Google Ads service page!

About the author

 Igor Kecman

Igor Kecman is a PPC Specialist within Google Ads Team in Sellers Alley. He has three years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry, working with clients from various industries. He specializes in Google PPC Advertising, Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), site analytics implementation, and performance analysis.  

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