5 trends to scale your Amazon business in 2021 

Amazon business

Amazon business owners are well aware of the growing competition and increasing number of new sellers on the Amazon platform. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this powerful eCommerce website will continue to expand since more people shop online and many businesses switch to online sales. Therefore, following the latest marketing trends and implementing them in your advertising strategy is essential to keep you ahead of your competitors and boost profits. 

If you run an Amazon business, here are the five trends to help you scale your eCommerce brand in 2021! 


If you’re already advertising on Amazon or are new to this, keep in mind that organic and PPC sales mutually influence each other. Knowing this and using your resources to invest in PPC, you must dedicate enough time and effort to improve your organic visibility and ranking. To enhance your organic rank, perfect your product listing by following these rules:

Product images

  • Number of images–7 or more 
  • Main image background–white 
  • Image dimensions–1000 pixels or greater 

Listing text  

  • Title–150 characters 
  • Bullets–5 
  • Description 


Reviews play a significant role in a customer’s decision to make a purchase.   

They have become crucial in building customer trust, and we expect that in 2021, many sellers will use the so-called “Request a review” messaging system. These messages automatically translate into the buyer’s language of preference and always comply with Amazon’s policies. Amazon sends messages to customers on the seller’s behalf. 


The rating also has a crucial role in decision-making for purchasing. The better the rating, the higher the sales!


Follow these tips for boosting your sales with PPC:

Cover each ad space on Amazon 

Don't miss the sale and leave it to a competitor. Make sure that your ads take up every possible ad space on Amazon. 

There are different campaign types, including:

  • Sponsored Product–Promote products by targeting relevant keywords or similar products. 

Types: Auto, Manual, ASIN Targeting, Defensive and Category targeting.

  • Sponsored Brands–Help customers discover your brand and products with catchy creatives. 

Types: Product Collection, Custom Image, Video, Store Spotlight.

  • Sponsored Display–Grow your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off Amazon. 

Types: ASIN Targeting, Defensive, Audiences targeting. 

Each of these campaigns plays a vital role in PPC advertising. Whether their part is to increase product or brand awareness or improve visibility, they all have the same goal: sales increase. Also, be sure to register your brand to create Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns. 

Don’t be afraid to boost campaigns 

Achieving outstanding results is impossible without investments. Just as it takes time and effort to improve organic sales, it’s also necessary to invest money in PPC. Adequately adjust the bids, budgets, and placements to achieve the best possible ranking for the relevant keywords and make sure the product will appear on the first page.

The goal of every Amazon business owner is to achieve the highest potential sales with the highest possible profitability, but keep in mind that you can't do this overnight. 

If the product is new and you want it to appear on the first page, it will take some time and money for the product to be visible for a specific keyword. In the beginning, the campaign requires appropriate testings and optimizations to achieve the best possible results. Just be patient, invest, and you will see growth!

Regular inventory check

The inventory plays a significant role in boosting sales!

Make sure your campaigns are running non-stop and adequately by replenishing the stocks regularly.  

If the product goes out of stock, it will lose its space on Amazon, which means you’re leaving it to your competitor. Of course, it isn’t always possible to replenish the stocks on time, so it is necessary to take suitable measures to maintain product rank and defend it from competitors. 

Ensure that supplies will last as long as possible until new ones arrive by taking the following measures: 

  1. Decrease budgets–50% 
  2. Decrease bids–at least 20% 
  3. Decrease placements–at least 20% 

Go internationally

A great way to increase sales is to expand your business into new markets.  

Enter the new market in the right way and perform various necessary analyses such as the needs in that market, the purchasing power of customers, and who the competitors are.  

Also, it’s necessary to make proper predictions in terms of how much you should invest in campaigns at the beginning, the expected profit, and costs. 

Use other platforms (Amazon DSP, TikTok, Google Ads)

Amazon DSP   

Using DSP, the opportunities to reach potential customers that never saw your brand or products are plenty. You can create a unique journey with image or video creatives, engage new customers, make them consider your brand, and finally make a purchase.

For this scope, use sophisticated audience segmentation already built within the DSP platform, custom segments that allow you to find competitors, buyers, visitors, or users who saw similar products or visited your website. 

DSP is a programmatic advertising system that allows you to use powerful targeting options, various ad formats, and extensive ad inventories, both on and off Amazon.


It’s a relatively new advertising platform that uses influencers to do the promotion. 

Using micro-influencers can be a very cheap way to get many potential customers. Also, you can form a brand ambassador relationship to secure a more favorable, long-term relationship.  

Use TikTok to send traffic from this platform to Amazon, which helps to improve organic rank and increase sales. You can track overall metrics and results through Amazon Attribution. 

Google Ads 

Google Ads is the largest platform globally and has the highest traffic, which can lead to Amazon. With Amazon Attribution and Google Ads, you can use all Google Ads campaign types in advertising except Shopping campaigns (for now). However, the three most used ones are Search, Display, and YouTube ads. From our experience, we’ve seen an enormous increase in traffic and rank.  

Once Google establishes Shopping ads for Amazon Attribution, we can expect more outstanding results with conversions. 


If you want to advertise your Amazon business successfully, it’s essential to follow innovations and new trends, be open to new opportunities, and be ready to invest. 

In  2020, Amazon recorded enormous sales growth with annual revenue of $386 billion, a yearly increase of over $100 billion. Predictions for 2021 are that this trend will continue.  

To scale up your Amazon business, other than optimizing your campaigns regularly and creating new ones, consider using Amazon Attribution. It will give you many opportunities to increase your traffic, brand awareness and potentially boost sales. 

We have seen a significant impact of using Amazon DSP, TikTok, and Google Ads, and we highly recommend you to use them. Our experienced PPC specialists are ready to get your Amazon business on a one-way street to eCommerce success. See how you can increase profits and improve your Amazon advertising by booking our FREE Amazon Audit today!  


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