7 PPC Tips to Grow Your Amazon Advertising Revenue in 2021

Amazon advertising revenue


Getting the most out of your PPC campaigns means using some additional strategies to maximize your advertising impact. 2021 turned out to be a busy year for digital marketing, with the COVID-19 pandemic shifting more businesses towards online promotions. 

Our seven PPC tips will help you maximize your advertising game and grow your Amazon advertising revenue! Discover how to run a successful paid marketing campaign and the best-performing Amazon advertising strategies for this year. 

Choose the best ASINs to advertise 

If you are a seller with a high number of products (hundreds or thousands), the best way to begin your PPC advertising is to start with the few best-performing ones in organic sales. Usually, top-performing ASINs in organic are also top performers in PPC. Choose a few most successful ASINs for a start, collect initial profit, and gradually expand to other ASINs.  

Initial budgets shouldn’t be too high or too low  

It’s one of the most challenging steps in setting your advertising strategy. If you have an overall low budget, think wisely and start with budgets not lower than $10 daily per campaign, allowing your campaigns to collect traffic. Be patient and have in mind that new campaigns need some time to perform and gather conversions. Give campaigns a minimum of two weeks to see how they will perform and then optimize. In addition, for the campaign’s success, you can transfer your budget from low-performing campaigns to well-performing ones. Read along to discover more ways to grow your Amazon advertising revenue.   

Starting bids should be at a suggested level or above 

When setting up a new campaign, consider the bid’s value for the product that will be displayed. Bids on keywords and ASINs should be neither too high nor too low. If the bid is set too low, the campaign will not run and collect impressions, and there will be no traffic. If it’s high, it is possible to see an increase in the average CPC, which leads to an increase in spending. 

Our goal is to set up the most optimal bid so that the campaign can successfully convert with the lowest possible spend. When setting up a new campaign, it’s advisable to put suggested bids or slightly above the suggested level until the campaign collects enough data. It can be optimized later and lead to the highest possible profitability.  

Adjust placements 

As the Amazon market is very turbulent and new competitors are constantly appearing, it is crucial to take care of and regularly optimize campaigns to maintain the best possible product ranking. It is desirable to optimize placements at least once every two weeks. There are various strategies for placement increase. You have two options–Top of search (first page) and Product pages.  

Optimization is simple. Maintain campaign's success by increasing the percentage of Top of search and Product pages. Do this step carefully, considering that the increase in placement affects the increase in a bid, so if the Top of search placement is 20% on a $1.00 bid, the bid will be $1.20 for this placement.  

Gradually increase placements according to the placement’s performance. It isn’t always the right solution to increase placement, as this can increase spending and ACoS. For campaigns with low results, the placement should be reduced or left at 0%. 


amazon placements

Cover each ad space on Amazon with campaigns 

To be competitive in an enormous online market like Amazon, you need to seize every opportunity to show your product to a potential customer. It’s necessary to create all types of campaigns to ensure this. 

The campaigns you can create are:

  • Sponsored Products (Auto, Manual, ASIN, and Category targeting)
  • Sponsored Brands (Product collection with and without Custom Image, Store Spotlight, and Video)
  • Sponsored Display (Product targeting and Audiences).  


amazon campaigns

Each type of campaign has its role and significance in your advertising strategy and can help you increase your Amazon advertising revenue 

Perform a regular (weekly) bidding optimization

Bids are constantly changing. Improve and maintain the best possible product ranking by performing bidding optimization regularly. You shouldn’t do this step in campaign optimization too often. It is enough to optimize bids once a week and leave room for the new bids to work for a while and achieve their results. We don’t recommend changing bids daily since there is a delay in data for several days. There isn’t accurate info on how successful a specific keyword is on a daily level.

When optimizing bids, keep in mind the CPC level of a specific keyword, as you should increase or decrease a bid according to the keyword’s performance. If a targeted keyword or ASIN has a good ACoS, you can raise the bid slightly above the CPC value. If it has poor performance, lower the bid below the CPC value. As already mentioned, optimize carefully. If the bid is too high or too above the CPC level, it can affect and increase the level of CPC, leading to an increase in spending.  

Do regular harvesting (positive and negative)

For optimizing and improving the campaign’s performance, this step is inevitable.  

Keyword harvesting refers to adding customers’ search terms that have converted and performed well from Auto and Manual campaigns (broad and phrase) to new Manual campaigns or pausing and excluding keywords or search terms that are not profitable.  

Frequently, customers’ search terms causing high spend in Auto and Manual (broad/phrase) campaigns are not transferred to negative exact or negative phrases, increasing overall spend and ACoS. It’s an important step and, if done regularly, carefully, and appropriately, it can significantly improve your campaign’s performance and profitability.  


By following the steps from our seven PPC tips regularly, and adequately, you’ll have successful campaigns and see growth in your Amazon advertising revenue. Take care to choose the right ASIN that will push you to the first page of Amazon and stand out among the vast competition. Set budgets high enough to allow campaigns to collect traffic and start converting. Ensure that the initial bids on campaigns are not below the suggested one. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that the product will be shown and have any impressions. 

Regularly optimize placements to maintain and improve product rankings and increase sales. Create all types of campaigns and ensure visibility in every place for ads on Amazon. Perform bidding and harvesting regularly to make your campaign performance as good as possible and profitable. Our experienced PPC professionals can help you achieve desirable results and grow your advertising revenue. To find out more about our Amazon PPC service, visit this link.

In addition, grab the opportunity to get a FREE Amazon audit and start improving your advertising strategy today! 


About the author

Tijana Bogdanovic

Tijana Bogdanović is a Medior PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley and has three years of experience in Amazon PPC. Ever since she joined the team, she showed excellent leadership skills and willingness to learn and expand her knowledge. All of these attributes helped her develop further and achieve great results with Sellers Alley. Her previous work experience with Google Ads enabled her to adapt to the Amazon world with ease. 

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