Ad placements on Amazon

Ad placements on Amazon

Amazon has a whole set of different ad positions but it’s not always clear where your ad is going to appear. Which ad placements is Amazon offering? What is the best ad position for your product to appear? In this blog post we are going to cover ad placements on Amazon and how to always be at the top of this advertising game. 

From our advertising experience, the type of campaigns which can help you cover most of the ad slots is auto campaigns so be sure to use them. Except they can help you with negative harvesting, they allow you to have your ads appear almost everywhere on Amazon.  Even if you are not a seller, you notice sponsored ads all over Amazon. They can appear at the top of search, rest of search, product pages and even off Amazon. 

Sponsored Products ad placements 

Sponsored Product ads are the best way to increase the visibility of your advertised products. These campaigns have the biggest ad inventory and reach on Amazon since they appear everywhere: on the top of search, rest of search and on detail pages. Depending on where they appear, you will have different CTR and Spend. 

Sponsored Products Ads Amazon
Example of Sponsored Product Ads

The first encounter with ads on Amazon is when you go to the search page and there you can see three or four ad positions among other products at the top of search. These ads are usually the ones with high bids and a large amount of supporting budget and they have the highest CTR (click - through rate). 


You may wonder which advertised products appear here if you for example have two products and one keyword and if they both are going to show up on the top of a search?  First you have to ask yourself, does Amazon think that both of your offers are so good that they are willing to put both of your ads in those top ad slots for the same keyword. In most cases, the answer is no since there are a lot of competitors that are aiming for the same spot who are possibly bidding higher than you. 

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Sponsored Brands ad placements 

Sponsored Brands ads are great for achieving brand awareness, especially if you are a new Amazon seller. These campaigns offer a wide variety of different customizable options for ads which lead customers with high purchase intent directly to your Store or a specific landing page. 

Depending on the selected form, Sponsored Brands ads can consist of your logo, custom image, headline, best selling products or even video. If one of these products goes out of stock, it will disappear from your ad, so be sure to always have your inventory covered. Never miss an opportunity to get more sales!

Amazon doesn’t have strict guidelines about where these ads appear. What ever advertiser knows is that you can find them above search and also at the side of search results and at the bottom on both mobile and desktop. Since you can't know for sure where your Sponsored Brands  ads will show, make sure you provide as many creatives and targeting options as possible. That way your ad will be ready to show whenever suitable.

Sponsored Brand Ads
Example of Sponsored Brands Ads

What differs them from other ad types is that you have more freedom to edit your creative, you can add custom images and make video ads. These creatives look very appealing, especially on mobile where they can even scale to fit half of the screen which puts your brand in the spotlight. Unfortunately, you can’t compare results of your ads on desktop and mobile but from our experience these ads look way more effective when seen on mobile and they can bring you great results. If you want to reach the top of search with these ads, you have to do proper keyword targeting in order to get to the customers with the high purchase intent. 
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Sponsored Display ad placements 

Sponsored Display ads are a great way to reach audiences on and off Amazon. They appear on different desktop, mobile sites, apps and on product detail pages and across other pages on Amazon. Sponsored Display ads give you an option to add headline and brand logo and when shoppers click on them, they are automatically being redirected to the product detail page.  Similar to Sponsored Brands ads, Amazon instantly pauses display ads when presented items go out of stock. 

Sponsored Display Ads

Example of Sponsored Display Ads

They are CPC based and allow you to target audiences depending on their views or interests. Also, you can use product targeting to reach potential customers who are searching your type of products. By using Sponsored Display ads you will always be on the top of people's minds since they allow you to be present on multiple channels in order to persuade shoppers to buy your product.

Sponsored Display ads share a lot of ad inventory with DSP. Demand Side Platform is a software which allows advertisers to buy placements across Amazon and third party websites that their potential customers often visit. You may wonder, what is the difference between Sponsored Display ads and DSP. The main differentiation between these two are targeting options. With DSP you can create specific audiences and have access to unique inventory. With Sponsored Display ads, you have fewer, less precise options for targeting and the advertising is way cheaper than with DSP ads. 

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So which ad placement is the best for your business?

If you have enough budget and the right strategy, you can be the master of ad placements on Amazon. It’s recommended to use different types of ads just to be sure that you’ve covered as many ad slots you can. More ad slots - more chances to get sales. Of course, you have to use smart bidding and track your results in order to see which campaigns need adjusting. If they are not working, maybe you should change the creative, optimize your listings or invest more? By finding the cause, you will solve the problem easily. 

There's no best ad placement and that’s the truth. The only sure thing is that ads on the top of search have higher CTR and can bring you more sales. Still, on Amazon you don’t get an analysis of ad results for different positions on the search pages, product pages etc. That’s why you can’t be absolutely sure that for example middle of search is a better chance for you to sell your product than bottom of search. 

To sum it up 

There are lots of different ad placements on Amazon but if they will be efficient depends on your advertising efforts. From our experience, Sponsored Brands Ads are a great way to get those conversions rolling because of their great creatives and spotlight potential, Sponsored Product ads have the biggest ad inventory and reach and you don’t want to miss out Sponsored Display ads placements and use all the creative options available. 

In order to achieve best results, be aware of your brand and the needs of your targeted audience. Ad placements are there to help you reach them easily and present your products in the best possible way. Be sure to have your listings optimized so when potential customers click on your ad and get to your product page, they are easily convinced that your product is the best choice for them. 

About the author 

Emilija Kovacevic

Emilija Kovačević is a Content Writer and Social Media Manager at Sellers Alley. She has been involved with Amazon PPC for a year now. Before, she was working on content and social media strategies for different clients in the FMCG industry. 

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