Amazon's Two-Step Verification Process for Sellers

Amazon's Two-Step Verification Process for Sellers

After implementing a two-step verification for buyers, Amazon also took care of sellers' security. To ensure that your Amazon seller account is protected against unauthorized access or if your password gets stolen, Amazon implemented a 2-step verification process to help save your personal data.

This category is easy to access, and it gives us easy, user-friendly options with lots of necessary information to help you decide what kind of account settings work best for you.

What you need to know about Amazon 2-step verification for sellers

Two-step verification for Amazon sellers is an extra layer of security and protection for your personal information related to credit cards. For every compromised account, hackers gain access to account information like credit card numbers, personal details, shopping, payment history, etc. So we strongly urge you to enable this part of your Amazon account settings.

First of all — don't be confused — Amazon refers to two-factor authentication as 2-step verification. In this case, we're speaking of synonyms.

The process is pretty straightforward and created to help you log into your Amazon seller profile on your own terms without fear of getting some of your personal information leaked. 

If you're ready to sign in and create a profile, there are a couple of things to know before setting up an Amazon account. One of the most important things is setting up the 2-step verification on the very first day. If you created your account a while ago, this is something that you really need to do.

Follow the steps below to ensure you go through it correctly.

2-step verification process for Amazon sellers (steps and image explanations)

  1. Open the Amazon website in a browser and sign in or log in with your seller data.

  2. Check your email. If you're signing in, you will need to confirm this. Make sure to check all your email inboxes (primary, updates)

  3. Select the "Account & Lists" category, placed in the right corner at the top of the page. If you're entering your Amazon seller account through an Amazon app, tap the "Menu" icon placed at the top of the screen and then select the "Your account" option in the menu.

    Amazon accounts and lists

  4. Open up the "Account" category listed first in the dropdown menu.

    fourth step - Amazon account
  5. Once you open your Account page, the next step would be a click on the category "Login & security".

    fifth step - login and security
  6. The Login & security page has lots of options. You will need to select the "Edit" button so that you can choose the "Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings".

    sixth step - login and security

  7. The Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings page has its instructions. Take your time to read them carefully, and once you're ready, click "Get Started".

    seventh step - verification
  8. Once you click "Get Started," you will have two steps:

    1st step: To enroll a 2SV authenticator - you will enter a phone number, receive a unique code, and type it in the given OTP window. OTP is a one-time password, and we can call it a synonym for the two-factor authentication code. The Amazon OTP code has six automatically generated digits and lasts between 5 and 60 minutes.

    enroll a 2-step verification
    2nd step: It is an explanation of why you can't log into some devices like you used to:

    legacy device sign in
  9. Our advice is to use an SMS code for any future log-ins. This option is a smart way to save your privacy. Whenever you log into your Amazon account from a new device, you'll receive a text message with a unique security code you'll need to enter in the browser.

  10. Another safe option is to use an authenticator app and install it on your mobile device. Apps like Google Authenticator or Authy will create a unique code whenever you try to log in from an unknown device. As soon as the app recognizes the bar code, it will show you a six-digit code. You'll need to add it to the app's predefined window to complete this process. Note: be quick to enter the code because it has a time limit.

Extra Amazon 2SV tip:

If you get tired of entering a code every time you want to access your seller's account, you can also disable this option. Amazon made it easy to remove this verification option from your account. Find the "Devices that suppress OTP" option in the Two-Step Verification (2SV) settings. By selecting the "Don't require OTP on this browser," any future log-in from the browser you selected will only require a password.


Considering that Amazon’s dominance is ever-increasing, more and more sellers are expected to start their online journey with Amazon.

The awareness about keeping our data safe, especially once we start to run huge Amazon shops, is growing every day, and Amazon’s crew is simply following the laws and wishes of their sellers.

This is why 2SV became essential to Amazon’s web security - it can neutralize the risks associated with compromised passwords to zero!

The best thing is - even if your password is hacked or phished, it won’t be enough to give an intruder access to your seller account: without approval and the second factor, a password alone is finally - useless.

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