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We hear sounds everywhere around us. From the moment we get up, at our homes, on our way to work, gym, or a family dinner. We recognize the voices of our loved ones every day of our lives. We enjoy listening to music and the sounds of people singing, playing an instrument, and laughing. People react to and process everything that’s producing a sound. 

The world of marketing is changing and improving every single day. New things are coming to Amazon as well in the form of audio ads! People work on finding the best solutions to enhance everyone’s lives. Keep reading to discover some of the latest news and features from Amazon!

What is Alexa? 

Alexa “lives” in the cloud and is happy to help anywhere there's internet access and a device that can connect to it. It’s a virtual assistant technology created by Amazon. Making Alexa a part of your day is as simple as asking a question. Alexa can play your favorite songs, read the latest headlines, inform you about sports, turn on the lights in your living room, translate books, and more.  

It makes life easier and allows you to control your world by using your voice. Alexa helps with the things you love and lets you discover new possibilities you've never imagined. 


audio ads 

New on Amazon 

Amazon recently debuted new ways for shoppers to interact with audio ads played over Alexa devices at the event called unBoxed. All you need to do is to connect your voice assistant to Amazon Store. You and other listeners can tell the voice assistant to add the advertised product to the shopping cart, ask for more information about it, or just say “remind me” to get a follow-up list from Alexa. Shopping never sounded so easy!  

In the USA, adults are listening to streaming audio for an average of 4 hours per day. According to research from the beginning of 2021, streaming audio has grown 64% since 2014. This growth has followed another trend–the emergence of a smart home, specifically smart speakers. 

One in three people in the US already uses smart speakers. You can use them in various ways throughout the day. People can hear the news, check the weather and stock market, get a cooking recipe, check a trusted source for work, or set a soundtrack to relax in the evening. With a smart speaker, all you need is your voice to control all connected devices!

Many of these smart speaker users are doing so with Alexa-enabled devices. These devices help their customers play personalized soundtracks hands-free at any time. 85% of people use them to play music. The most popular choice, according to Edison Research, is Amazon Music.  

How to connect with audio users? 

Most importantly, how to find new ways to connect with customers on Amazon? Well, that’s where Amazon audio ads come in! Customers run the Amazon Music tier, where they receive ads in exchange for free audio streaming. You can listen to Amazon Music across various devices, such as mobile, tablets, and even desktop devices. Also, you can use Alexa-enabled gadgets.  

Across all these devices, 90% of the listeners come from Alexa, making Amazon audio ads an excellent option for marketers looking to reach a new audience. 

The research has proven that a smart speaker user is more likely to own a smart TV and over twice as likely to hold other smart devices such as wearables, cars, phones, pet products, lighting, and more.  

These are the customers who want to have a dialogue with you and the ones you want. Where can you reach them? On smart devices, of course! This is why we are here to help you reach a relevant audience beyond the screen. Reaching the right audience is important as connecting with them at the right moment. You can reach them based on demographic composition, music genre, or “in-market” shopping signals showing potential interest in your products or services. 

When using behavior Amazon audiences, there are two primary benefits. The first is a listener benefit, meaning that listeners receive messages that are most relevant to them. The second is an advertiser benefit. This is greater ad effectiveness for audio ads. Reaching audiences using both demographic and behavioral signals can result in highly effective campaigns.  

Measuring audio ads 

Advertisers can measure audio ads with a suite of third-party and first-party solutions. These solutions include four main categories. 

The first measurement category advertisers should focus on is Amazon ads' first-party metrics. Here they can look to measure both delivery and ad performance. Advertisers can measure ad delivery such as impressions, reach, frequency, and audio completion rate. 

Also, there are metrics such as branded search rate, new-to-brand, detail page view rate, even purchase rate. 

The second category measure is the Brand lift. Advertisers can see metrics for brand awareness, brand favorability, consideration, and purchase intent. 

The third measurement category support is Visitation lift. Here you can use third-party measurement solutions to identify how audio advertising helps in improving traffic. 

The fourth and last (for now) measurement category is Sales lift. Advertisers can measure audio ads’ impact on offline sales to understand how audio performs and include audio in media mix models to help plan successful audio ads campaigns in the future.  

The next generation of Amazon Ads

Amazon Audio ads will expand beyond Amazon Music, and interactive connection with the audience will be even better. In the past few years, Amazon has worked with advertisers to incorporate voice call-to-action into their creatives. It will make it easy for customers to take action. For example, to ask Alexa to add items to their cart. 

Also, interactive audio ads will have a new feature. When a customer hears an interactive ad for a product they are interested in while listening to Amazon Music free tier on any Alexa-enabled device, they can simply say, “Alexa, add this to cart.” Doing this, Alexa will add the following product to their Amazon cart. There will be no need to remember the exact product name to have it added to a list. 

Besides all that we mentioned, Amazon will make it even easier to add an item to your Amazon cart and add more new calls-to-action, such as more information about the product or an offer via email. Following all this, there will be action to schedule a reminder for an upcoming event, such as a new album release or forthcoming movie. Amazon believes that interactivity in audio ads must provide customers with value! 

This will make CTA even more seamless. People will take action the way they want at the exact moment when they want, without going to their computer or opening a phone. 

In addition to these simple voice calls-to-action, Amazon offers options for advertisers who want to enable audiences to engage with their brand through a voice in a more customized way. 

For example, Amazon provides Voice Landing Page. This will give audiences a place to learn more about a product or a brand they hear about from an audio ad campaign.  


With upcoming audio ads, advertisers will reach audiences with smartphones at home. They will help advertisers to reach more people and increase brand awareness. As the future will have more and more smart device users, advertising will include more audio ads.  

In 2021, interactive audio ads are still a closed beta offering. Amazon will make them more widely available in the future. We are excited to follow the improvements and changes on this giant eCommerce platform!


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