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client communication

At Sellers Alley, we build partnerships based on transparency and authenticity. Your success story is our success story! That’s why we consider our clients to be our partners. The goal is to remove all the obstacles you might encounter and put you on an ascending path. Therefore, our Client Success Management (CSM) team will be your important ally on this journey.

Efficient and prompt client communication helps us to build trust by showing you that we:

  • Understand what you need and expect from working with us
  • Care about your problems and needs. We are committed to providing effective solutions
  • Want you to feel valued, trusted, and satisfied with results


Open, efficient, and productive client communication is our company’s core. Our biggest office is in the USA, and our clients are primarily from the United States and Europe. That’s why we communicate together in English. 

Our PPC specialists and Client Success Management (CSM) team work closely towards our clients’ goals. It’s crucial to understand where and how we communicate.

We use different channels for client communication, including:

  • Regular meetings on Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet
  • Shared Google Drive or SharePoint 
  • Slack integration, Skype, email


We usually have weekly or biweekly calls during the first weeks of working with new clients. 

First, we recap the previous week and then review accounts, metrics and define the next steps. Regular meetings help us track our KPIs, responsibilities, and performance.   

Here’s how a typical meeting agenda might look like: 

client communication


Following this, we have a specific work plan until the next call that keeps us focused on execution. Meetings help us ensure that all of our attention goes towards your top priorities! Below is an example of one of the Follow-up templates we send after a client meeting. We want to create and maintain a perfect communication flow, which is a solid base for our PPC specialists to do what they are doing best.


Shared Google Drive or SharePoint 

Upon starting a collaboration with a new client, we usually create a shared folder in Google Drive or SharePoint, where we have all documents in one place–client info, KPIs, Excel sheets, images, etc. It helps us through the entire process to have all crucial documents in one place where we can organize them most efficiently.

client communication

Slack Integration, Email, Skype

We use these communication channels: Slack Workplace, Slack Shared Channels, Skype, email, and Microsoft Teams.

Although we are flexible about the different communication channels, Slack is our favorite one! When we open Slack Workplace or a shared channel with clients, it eliminates back-and-forth emails. The client communication is more casual but still professional.


When we start working on the account, we’ll introduce you to your main point of contact from the CSM team. A person from our Client Success Management team will handle all communication with you. We like to keep this separate because we want our PPC specialists to focus only on clients’ accounts. Our CSM team will answer all questions and keep you informed about your account.

The main point of contact from the CSM team will have one big task–to set the right expectations on both sides. 

We need to specify:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  • Strategy
  • Execution


We understand clients’ business goals and believe in building and maintaining strong client relationships. Open communication is our primary goal. Asking the right questions, responding on time, being open-minded, and staying transparent about our work are the key elements of our client communication. 

At Sellers Alley, you’ll be more than our client; you will be our partner. 

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About the authors


Aleksandra Davidovic

Aleksandra is the Process Manager at Sellers Alley and has been a part of our agency from the beginning. She has been involved in client communication, managing different client requests, and building processes from day one. Aleksandra is also passionate about ballet and music.


Luka is the Client Success Manager at Sellers Alley. Ever since he joined our team, he has developed great relationships with our clients and continues to help them throughout the entire process. His previous experience in Sports and Communication has made him an excellent fit for our company. Luka has taken on a new role of Client Success Manager and is looking forward to being a true representative of our clients within Sellers Alley!


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