Get your Amazon sales skyrocket through Google Ads

Amazon sales - Google Ads

Amazon sellers have various reasons to use Google Ads as additional tool for bringing new customers. First of all, these ads have massive reach and you have full control of your campaigns. By using Google Ads you will get transparent and quick results while choosing your own budget.  So how do you get your Amazon sales skyrocket through Google Ads?

The differences between Amazon and Google

Main difference between Amazon and Google is that Google is a much bigger ‘ecosystem’ than Amazon. Google consists of millions of websites, mostly used search engines and dozens of apps on Play Store. All of these websites are potential for targeting new customers! Thanks to platforms such as Google Ads, you can target as many people as you want and lead them to Amazon products or Storefront. 

You should definitely make a differentiation between customers on Amazon and Google. Customers on Amazon have the intention to buy, while people who surf through Google want to read news, search for different topics, find locations on Google Maps or shop. It’s no secret that Google will push it’s shopping features in the following years and that it will become an e-commerce giant as well. With many targeting options, Google allows you to precisely target new or potential customers.

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How can Google Ads help you reach new customers?

Amazon - Google Ads

Google Ads can help you reach potential customers on multiple devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet or even smart TV screen. Important metrics overview for each device is always available. 

The campaign type determines where customers will see your ads and how the ads will look like. Based on your advertising goals, you can select multiple settings and targeting options for each campaign type. In most cases, advertisers choose to have more than one campaign type in order to gain more visibility across Search, Display and YouTube Network. 

Here is an example of targeting and campaign structure on Google Ads that will definitely help to have your sales skyrocket:

Best keyword building is the following one – narrowing down the search funnel – Add +Amazon Broad Match Modifier Keyword in Google Ads to show ads to the most relevant customers. That way you will catch all phrases that will target in phrase and exact match.

Types of Google search campaigns you should use

There are 3 types of  search campaigns you should use to bring new customers to your Amazon products: 

  • Brand Campaign

This type of campaign is used to target keywords related to brand name. Targeted audience are those who already know the brand. Main goal is protecting the brand.

  • Competitors campaign

Competitors Campaign are keywords related to competitor brand names. Targeted audience are competitor brand buyers while the main goal is stealing potential sales from competition. 

  • Top Generic Category campaign

Last but not the least are Top Generic Category campaigns where your main target are potential buyers. This way, you can bring new buyers and by numbers, this is a campaign with the biggest volume. Main goal is increasing overall sales.

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a measurement tool which is strongly recommended for sellers that have enrolled as Amazon Brand. This resource is very valuable for advertising Amazon products in Google Ads. Its interface is based on the AMS/Amazon Advertising interface. It is not a platform for ad creation or an advertising platform, consider it Google Analytics of Amazon. The Attribution Program provides data, but it’s still up to advertisers to determine how to use it.


Many targeting options make Google Ads a great opportunity for bringing new customers. With day-to-day optimization Google Ads should bring new value to Amazon Storefront or product page, with all transparent metrics. Still, Google can’t replace Amazon PPC as the main PPC tool for bringing new buyers of Amazon products. Google Ads can be of great help and really push your Amazon products to have bigger sales volume and target many customers that are off-Amazon, along with efficient Amazon PPC and organic sales.


Vukašin Mihailović is a Senior PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley. Experienced in PPC and inbound marketing. More than 4 years in digital advertising. Very familiar with all relevant digital tools for advertising. DIMAQ certified. Amazon PPC passionate.

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