Google Ads guide, reasons to use it, and trends in 2021

Google Ads guide

Introduction to Google Ads

In our Google Ads guide, you’ll learn why Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) presents a powerful online advertising tool that allows businesses to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, Maps, and other websites. 

In fact, it’s among the most effective ways of paid online advertising. With Google Ads, advertisers can choose specific goals for their ads. They include driving website visits, getting more phone calls, and increasing store visits. Google Ads campaign settings leave space for budget and targeting customization, plus an option to start or stop ads.

How Google Ads Works

The first thing you need to learn from our Google Ads guide is how it all works. 

It all starts with a person going on Google searching for an answer to a particular question or a specific pain point solution. This is where your business comes in place; by using the power of Google Ads, you get to display your ad as the answer to those questions. Of course, there will be organic search results that Google shows for free because of its high-quality content and other factors, but the only way to get on top of those results is through paid ads. 

With Google Ads, you get to showcase your business and grab people’s attention at the moment when they search for the products and services you offer. This way, your ads get displayed in front of potential customers when they’re ready to take action. What’s great about Google Ads is that you only pay for measurable results, including clicks to your website and calls to your business. 

how google ads work

The first step in creating a successful Google ad is to select your main advertising goal. As we mentioned before, you can choose between three options to get the desired results (more calls, more website sales, more store visits).

The next thing to do is to select the geographic area where you want to show your ad.

It can be a smaller local area around your business or much larger like cities, states, or countries. The last step in your ad’s creation is to write the ad copy or include images and set your monthly budget cap. 

After the approval, your ad can appear to users in your target area searching for a product or a service like the one your business offers. 

You can effectively use your ad budget because you only pay when users engage with your ad. Also, you get to see the estimated results for your ad spend.

Top Reasons to Use Google Ads

If you haven’t already integrated Google Ads into your digital advertising strategy, now is a great time to do so. At Sellers Alley, we have a team of dedicated Google Ads specialists who will use this fantastic advertising platform to place your business on the top of Google search results and increase your profits. 

The key to successful advertising with Google Ads is to show your ad to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. 

We showcase top reasons to use it in our Google Ads guide, and together with our professionals, you can use its full potential to achieve desirable results and skyrocket your business in 2021

  • Targeting Ads

Thanks to Google Ads targeting, you can display your ads to customers with specific interests and reach them when and where it matters the most. 

With Google Ads campaigns, you can target by keywords, audiences, and demographics, and optimize by devices, location, days, times, frequency, and more. 

  • Cost Control

You are in control of your budget for Google Ads. There is no minimum, and you choose how much money you're willing to spend per month, day, or ad. 

As mentioned before, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Also, you will get results prediction based on your set budget. 

  • Measurable Success

Everything is measurable with Google Ads. This includes ad clicks, product purchases, app downloads, phone orders, etc. By seeing which ads get more clicks, you will know where to invest more money and get a high ROI. You can also use analytical tools to discover your customer’s shopping habits. By learning which keywords customers used to find you, their location, user device type, and when they search, you will significantly improve your business. 

  • Campaign Management

With Google Ads, you can easily manage and monitor your account. 

You can even do it offline with a free desktop application called Google Ads Editor. 

It’s excellent for quick account changes and edits. 

Types of Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads guide

Google Ads campaigns come as different PPC campaigns, with each providing various solutions to fit your marketing goals and brand strategy.

The steps we have mentioned above are valid for all the following campaign types:

  • Search campaigns—Text ads on search results

They let you reach people while they search for a product or a service like yours on Google. Use them to drive sales, leads, or traffic to your website. The easy setup includes writing text ads and picking keywords. This campaign type allows you precise targeting by reaching people who actively search for what you offer. 

  • Display campaigns—Image ads on websites

Use them to reach people with visually engaging ads as they browse across various websites and apps. They present a great way to expand the reach of your Search campaigns to other places on the web. Get more sales and leads thanks to visually engaging CTA, create brand awareness and consideration by placing memorable ads, and expand your reach beyond search results. Last, you can use remarketing ads to follow up with new and existing customers. 

  • Video campaigns—Video ads on YouTube

Use them to show your video ads on YouTube and other websites. 

Depending on the Video campaign type, you can raise brand awareness and consideration, drive conversions, or get people to purchase on your website. 

You get to expand your reach with these ads and follow up with remarketing. 

  • Shopping campaigns—Product listings on Google

Shopping ads are great for retailers looking to sell their products. They appear on search results and the Google Shopping tab. To create a Shopping campaign, you need to have a Merchant Center first. Use this campaign for retail marketing with visually engaging product listings, generate leads, increase sales, or sell your local store inventory to nearby customers.

  • App campaigns—Promote your app on many channels

Use them to find new app users and increase sales within your app. App campaigns use information from your app to optimize ads on Search, Play, Discover, YouTube, and millions of other websites and apps. You can achieve app promotion by driving installs, engagements, and sign-ups for your app on mobile phones and multi-channel marketing with one campaign showing on various platforms. Thanks to automated targeting, bidding, and ad creation, these campaigns are great for setup and management. 

  • Local campaigns—Promote locations on many channels

Use them to bring customers to your physical store or venue. 

With Local campaigns, you get in-person store sales, events and offers promotion, detailed location info that helps people find your business address and hours, and multi-channel marketing. To create these campaigns, you must have active location extensions or affiliate location extensions in your account or connect your Google My Business account to Google Ads. 

  • Smart campaigns—Automate your campaigns

They present the easiest way to create your ads. By entering your business and creating a few ads, Google will find the best targeting to get the greatest results with your time and money. You should use them to increase sales and sign-ups and benefit from the easy setup and advanced optimization. In fact, most new users join Google Ads in Smart Mode, which simplifies your advertising experience.

Upcoming Google Ads Trends in 2021

google ads trends

The last year has been full of surprises and unexpected events globally caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen its profound impact on various aspects of our lives, including how we make purchasing decisions and buy products. 

With more people spending significant time at home, there has been a substantial increase in online shopping, and we expect this trend to continue in 2021. 

Marketing experts agree that it’s difficult to predict what will happen this year, but they have come up with certain conclusions and tips for 2021 grouped in our Google Ads guide.

  • Think Fast and Adapt Quickly to Dynamic Changes

The key to successful and profitable Google Ads campaigns in 2021 will be in your ability to adapt to the “new normal” and adjust your campaigns to changing consumer behavior. The new Google Analytics tool will help with improving your marketing decisions and getting higher ROI. 

  • Add Video Content to Your Advertising Strategy

You should take full advantage of video ads to attract customers while they observe video content on YouTube, the second most visited site in the world. Video ads will continue to be on the rise in 2021, so be sure to launch Google Ads video campaigns this year and expand your brand reach. 

  • Stay on the Top with Updated Ad Content

Searchers are looking for valid and correct information, and to stand out from the competitors, you must provide new ads containing up-to-date information. 

Refresh your ads to stay on top of the game and of the search results. 

  • Get Ready for Smart Campaigns Evolution

Expect further development of Google Smart Campaigns that use machine learning to target your ads to users across many Google platforms. There will be more limiting of audience targeting and keyword options in favor of artificial intelligence and smart bidding. 

Final Thoughts

You may have experience implementing Google Ads into your business strategy, or you wish to start using this advertising tool to grow your business and find new customers. Our skilled Google specialists are ready to provide customized solutions in both scenarios. 

If you already have an account for Google Ads, we suggest that you book our free account audit. It’s the first step in our process to create an effective plan for you as a client. If you are just starting your advertising journey with Google Ads, we can make the right strategy for your business. Our consultations are completely free in both cases, and you can learn more about them by vising our Google Ads service page

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