Google Ads Strategy Improvement Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales 

Google Ads Strategy in 2021

Google Ads During Challenging Times

Google Ads strategy, just like other advertising strategies, has gone through substantial changes in 2020. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for most businesses and brands, from small and medium-sized to large corporations. While some companies reached profits and successfully ended the past year, others had to close for good. Staying on top of the advertising game has proven to be more important than ever before. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in the E-commerce market.

Because of lockdowns and other government rules in times of a global pandemic, more people have switched to working from home and spending most of their time inside. This has caused a significant increase in online orders, with E-commerce sales having ten years of growth in just one year. For sellers with the right Google strategy and products, chances to sell were significantly higher in 2020. To continue improving brand strategies and increasing sales, they must rely even more on Google Ads in 2021. 

The starting point to a successful and profitable 2021 is to understand Google Ads in depth. Thanks to Google Analytics and an advanced machine learning system, you’ll be able to observe your metrics and keep track of your customer’s journey across various devices and platforms. Be ready to act fast and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Our advice to businesses is to use effective Display and Video ads, along with Google's simplified ways of creating them, to attract customers. 

We have plenty more advice and proven advertising tactics in our brand-new E-book, called “The seven ultimate tips to skyrocket your sales with Google Ads.” 

Our guide is perfect for E-commerce shop owners and sellers on Amazon and Google, looking to understand better their customers and how they connect to their business. 

It covers topics from multichannel performance and Google Attribution to Video ads, Responsive ads, Shopping ads, and more. You’ll have to download our new E-book to get more tips on how to improve your Google Ads strategy!

Our Top 3 Google Ads Strategy Tips

We’ve selected our top three Google Ads tips for you! Pay close attention and discover how to:

  • Enlarge brand impact with multichannel performance
  • Use Google attribution for Amazon sellers
  • Explore the power of YouTube ads

  • Tip One–Enlarge Brand Impact With Multichannel Performance

The COVID-19 crisis shifted purchases from in-person to digital channels, and public safety has become a top priority for companies and consumers worldwide. 

With online shopping on the rise, the buyer’s journey has become more virtual, and changes in customer's needs and interests have affected its stages. New digital habits and extended use of online shopping have contributed to a more prominent presence of apps in our everyday lives. Apps allow us to stay safe, connected, and informed in the safety of our homes. With more people working remotely and converting commute time to leisure, there’s more time to consume different content, watch videos, and shop online.

Our first advice to businesses planning to make bigger profits in 2021 is to get more brand impact by analyzing their customers. As mentioned above, brands now have a higher chance of attracting new and existing customers who spend more time browsing online. YouTube video ads present a great way to achieve this. Video content consumption will continue to rise in the following months.

Another great option to reach your audience is through apps. Start by placing your ad banner on an app or create an app for your brand and engage customers for the long term. Your brand has to be present while they’re researching, comparing products, and reading different contents. Use a multichannel approach to ensure an increase in sales and your brand impact. You can use various channels for this scope, such as Google Ads, influencer marketing highlighting your products and services, social media, and apps. 

If you want to benefit from a multichannel performance, you must look at all aspects affecting a consumer’s decision to buy your product or service. Ensure your brand’s presence in different networks, trigger interest in a user’s mind, and guide him or her from exploration and evaluation towards your goal–the purchase. 

Read more about implementing multichannel marketing into your Google Ads strategy in our E-book.   

Google Ads Strategy

  • Tip Two–Use Google Attribution for Amazon Sellers

Whether you are starting or already have an E-commerce business, you know that products can be visible through various channels. It’s important to place your products and services on websites, Amazon brand stores, and product pages. 

Give your customers a unique online experience that will help them visualize your product and find its purpose in their lives. Use high-quality content and engaging creatives for that purpose. Place them on different channels to influence customers’ decisions and prove that your products are worth buying. 

Our advice to Amazon sellers is to use Amazon PPC to increase reach and traffic within the platform and Amazon DSP to push the image ads across the internet. 

Use Google Ads to reach customers in the early phase of their buyer’s journey by triggering their need for your product with Display ads. These ads will allow you to increase your direct traffic and create a memorable image in the minds of your customers. By staying present in their thoughts with Display ads, they will later search for your products. Search ads are great for instant visibility on the first page and sending potential customers to your Amazon product pages. 

Creating Google Ads campaigns that you can track within the Amazon attribution platform will increase your brand impact. You’ll see which targeting performs better and which keywords are more profitable. You’ll get an increased reach and brand influence thanks to separating your Amazon store and webshop strategies. For more useful tips for Amazon sellers, be sure to download the E-book!

  • Tip Three–Explore The Power of YouTube Ads

According to predictions, online videos will drive over 80% of consumer online traffic by 2022. Since video marketing is getting more exposure each year, now is your chance to add video content to your advertising strategy. Use video ads on Google to accomplish different goals, such as increased sales, leads, or website traffic. Use them to improve your product and brand consideration, or brand awareness and reach. 

The list of YouTube ads includes Skippable and Non-skippable in-stream ads, Bumper, Discovery, TrueView ads, and Ad sequence. You can learn more about all of them in our new E-book!

If increased brand presence, relevance, and sales are your top goals, you can significantly benefit from using video ads on YouTube. Keep in mind that high-quality videos are a must. Also, grab the viewer’s attention in the first five seconds of your video ad.

Targeting the right audience is equally important. You should segment your ads by the audience, depending on your campaign goal. Use an audience segmented by age, gender, or more detailed information to achieve brand awareness and bigger reach.  

Reasons to Download Our E-book

google ads ebook

To get a bigger picture and effectively accomplish everything mentioned in the tips above, you will have to read more in our E-Book. Plus, you will get to discover the remaining four Google Ads tips, which are equally important for creating a successful and profitable Google Ads strategy

You’ll learn how to make an impact with responsive ads, sell more with customized Shopping ads, control your investment in the search network, and analyze your multichannel performance. With over 30 pages of detailed analysis and verified strategies from our experienced Google specialists, accompanied by engaging illustrations and images, you will get a complete guide for your Google Ads strategy in 2021.

Seize the opportunity to gain immense knowledge from our Google experts and prepare for the unpredictable events in the E-commerce market this year. You will learn why it’s crucial to invest in direct sales and a great user experience throughout the buyer's journey. We’ll help you understand what you get with Search campaigns and what to expect from Shopping campaigns. You’ll also discover how to achieve high profits with a Smart system. 

E-commerce businesses managed to adapt fast to global changes caused by the pandemic. Sellers have to work together with advertisers to create new strategies and decide on the next steps to prevent any negative impacts on their businesses.  In 2021, brands should focus on developing or improving products and placing them in front of the right audience through smart advertising investments. 

We can create a custom-tailored Google Ads strategy to match your business goals. Take the first step in making 2021 your most profitable year so far, and book our free audit today!

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