Headline Search Ads introduced to Seller Central

Headline search Ads Amazon

What are Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads feature was, until recently, an exclusive Amazon Marketing Service. This type of ad service enables to create keyword targeted campaigns and allows brands to promote 3 or more products at the same time. Traffic goes to the brand page or to the custom made landing page on Amazon. Biggest difference between Seller Central and Amazon Marketing Services Headline Search Ads are keyword match types. In Seller Central you can choose between Phrase and Exact match types.

Where are Headline Search Ads shown?

You can usually see them above the search results.

Do you need Amazon Store to run these ads?

No, you don’t need to have have Amazon Store to run these ads. You can send customers to the page you specified –  page specially created from the products you selected to advertise.

Who can advertise?

Headline Search Ads can be used by Professional sellers who are brand owners.

How does it work?

  1. step – Choose three products for advertising.
  2. step – Be creative, cause you are able to write unique headline for your ad that will present your brand and product to the potential customer. The limit is 50 characters.
  3. step – Choose bids and keywords you would like to target.
  4. step – Name your campaign, choose campaign duration, place your budget and perform the last check on your ad, landing page and keywords that you are targeting.

Quick reminder – Bids represent highest amount you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you will compete with other sellers in the race for displaying ad for a particular keyword. Of course, bid is one of the parameters that is taken into consideration for ad placement . The higher the bid you place, more likely you are going to show up with your ad for the desired search query. You can change the bids over time. As always you should choose your keywords wisely – the more precise keyword the bigger the chance that the customer will be served with the right ad. The more you are relevant, less you will pay for your ad to be clicked.

What happens after step 4?

After this step you can choose between saving your campaign as draft or submitting it for a review.
Make sure that you have chosen clear images and that you represented your brand in the best possible way. We would like to underline that minimum daily budget for Seller Central Headline Search Ad campaigns is $10. Headline Search Ads in Sellers Central give users possibility to advertise in the same manner as vendors on AMS, leaving only Display ads as AMS exclusives. We expect that with new campaign type we will see more competitors for headline position. Of course, the potential bids will rise and affect current Amazon Marketing Service advertisers.

Should you choose Headline Search Ads if you are already advertising on Sellers Central with Sponsored Product Ads?

Yes, we strongly suggest advertising on both positions. By advertising with Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Product Ads simultaneously you are covering more advertising space on Amazon. This way you have better chance that someone clicks on your ad and generate more sales.

If you are current AMS user which also advertises on SC, should you migrate your Headline Search Ads from AMS to SC?

The answer is not simple. Sellers Central has better reporting and more options for controlling your advertisements. If you highly rely on reports and possibility to change time frames to compare your campaign performance, you might consider moving the campaigns to Seller Central.

Wrapping it up

Headline Search ads can bring you lots of benefits. One of them is to present your brand visually in the best possible way and to use catchy headlines which will bring more potential customers. Choose your three most representative products, write enticing copies and choose the keywords that you want to trigger your ads.

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