How can PPC help your business?

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,,Should I do the ads by myself or should I hire a PPC agency?”

To be honest we won’t give you the exact answer for this question in this blog post. Still, we promise to give you a closer look on the agency work and tell you why PPC agencies are good at what they do. Agencies create ads that convert clicks into leads and all of it is tested with the variety of examples from the practise. Focusing on the relevant keywords, traffic they create and conversions as results, PPC can offer big ROAS when you make it efficient.

Why is PPC so specific?

PPC isn’t something you learn overnight. Platforms like Amazon can be complex. From keyword match types and bid adjustments, to location extensions, specific e-commerce audience, there's a lot to consider. When using these tools it’s important to know which ones are relevant for your business, and how you can maximize their use.

Great PPC experts take Amazon Exams. After passing a different level of Exam with a high score, it means they are Amazon accredited. With Amazon backing them up that should be enough to instill confidence in your PPC expert. 

Benefits of working with PPC agencies 

How clients benefit from services that PPC agencies provide and what actually they mean?

  •  Research - Speed
  •  Campaign creation - Knowledge
  •  Tracking and Optimisation - Experience
  •  Reporting - Goals
How can PPC agencies help your business

1.Research - Speed

keyword reasearch


Today we are aware that things change fast on Amazon. Will you be able to spot these changes? Can you adapt your PPC campaign effectively by yourself? And most importantly, do you have the time?

PPC requires time and attention, from setup, through an ongoing basis and to the process of nurturing it. It is important to evolve with changes and stay ahead of competitors.

2. Campaign creation - Knowledge

campaign creations

Knowledge is an important key for strategy creation, implementation and realization of it. Every step is a result of carefully custom made strategy based on various experiences with the clients from the various industries.

3.Tracking and analysis

data analysis

Using analytical tools and compiling data from various sources are something that PPC agencies are at home with. We in Sellers Alley put big efforts to create comprehensive weekly reports with all important data. So you would not have to spend hours of your precious time trying to understand which of your ads are working best and what pages users are viewing.  Or maybe would you rather receive a summary report showing you this in lovely visual graphs?

4.Reporting - Goals

ppc reporting

Contributing to your business goals and achieving them is a science in itself, but the end goal is to achieve them and make them cost effective. PPC allows you to extend your reach and achieve marketing goals in a much easier way. PPC supports many aspects of sales and advances your relationship with a wide audience from the initial awareness, to becoming a loyal customer.

To sum it up

We come to the end, so our last advice is do not rattle, we’re here to help! We are not collaborators, we are partners! It’s okay to get confused and then walk away from the opportunity instead of raising your business. We advise to get assistance! PPC agency will be good partner in making the most of your paid ads and striving for successful results, month after month.

If we’ve convinced you that you do need a PPC agency, then get in touch with us and we will create a free PPC audit for you! Click on this link an book a FREE audit. 

About the author

Aleksandra Davidovic
Aleksandra Davidovic is the Account Executive at Sellers Alley. She joined the agency this year and ever since she was involved in client communication and managing different client requests. Previously, she had experience in event organization and also worked in digital marketing agencies where she was in charge of communication with big FMCG clients.

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