How to Choose A TikTok Objective for Your Business

how to choose a TikTok objective


One of the most important things to consider before making an ad is what you want to achieve. You need to identify what is your specific business goal.  

Today we’ll talk about advertising objectives, why they are a vital part of a marketing strategy, and how to choose the best possible objective for your business on TikTok

Your advertising objective presents what you want people to do when they see your ad. For example, if your goal is to have more website visitors, the best objective according to your goal is the traffic objective. If your goal is to get as many people as possible to see your new brand, you should select the reach objective. 

So, let's dive deeper and find out more information about advertising objectives and how to choose a TikTok objective for the best business results. 

How to choose a TikTok objective that helps people get familiar with your brand or company? 

Let's say you launched a new brand and want to get the word out to as many people as possible. You should choose reach as your objective. That way, you can increase recognition, build trust between the brand and your audience, and ultimately get brand awareness. The bidding method here is CPM which means you'll pay for 1000 impressions. 

How to choose a TikTok objective to make people think about your business and seek more information? 

Now that more people know about your brand, you decided to create a website and showcase your products to potential customers. What should you choose? 

The best option is to choose traffic as your advertising objective. It drives people to a specific destination, whether your website, app install page, or some specific online form. 

Once people get to your site, they can learn more about your brand story and what you offer. 

Even though traffic and conversion may seem the same, that's not the case as they have completely different goals. Traffic aims to simply lead as many people as possible to your page, and conversion targets specific actions taken on your website, such as purchases, etc. 

How to choose a TikTok objective to drive people to install your app? 

Well, the app installs objective is a perfect solution for you. Once clicked, the ad will redirect TikTok users to a landing page to download your app. The TikTok algorithm will specifically look for people who are likely to download your app, not just click on the link for the sake of it.  

There are two essential things to remember when choosing this advertising objective. 

First, you can only use the app installs objective if you add your app to Event Manager, one of the pages within TikTok’s advertising dashboards. There, you will find all your apps and website pixels. You can access the Event Manager by clicking "Library" and then "Events." 

Second, you will need a third-party tracking service when you use this advertising objective to help you track results. TikTok specifically asks that you use one of its tracking partners, such as Appsflyer, Adbrix, or Branch.  

How to choose a TikTok objective that encourages people interested in your business to get your product/service? 

For example, your business got a lot of traffic, and you realize you need to make use of it. 

So you decide to create a monthly newsletter and want people to sign up for it. In that case, you should choose a conversion objective so your ad will be shown to people who are most likely to sign up for your newsletter. As we already said, the conversion objective encourages people to take a specific action on your site (add an item to the cart, register for your site, make a purchase).

Let’s proceed with a few honorable mentions within advertising objectives: app installs, lead generation, and video views. The purpose of app installs and video views is self-explanatory from their names.  

App installs objective drives users to install your app. If you choose video views, TikTok will do its best to get as many people as possible to watch your video ads. As for lead generation, it's an objective where you can publish your in-feed ad that is connected to an Instant Form

With the help of this form, you can gather information about your audience and tell them more about your business if you want to. You can customize questions to get the most relevant information for your business, and you can even schedule appointments in it, so it's certainly an objective worth considering.  


Now that you know how to choose a TikTok objective, remember that your goals will also change as your business grows. But whatever the objective you are aiming for might be, TikTok has a solution for you. The crucial thing to keep in mind when considering and choosing your objective is to have a long-term vision in your mind, not just a short-term result. 

That way, you can properly use your business potential to the fullest. If you are hesitant about your TikTok advertising strategy, you can always try A/B testing to ensure you choose the best option. 

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