How to Choose Your Targeting Audience on TikTok

 Targeting Audience on TikTok


Advertising on TikTok is an excellent way to get closer to your audience and present your brand in creative and innovative ways. Due to the TikTok app’s great popularity and over one billion monthly active users, it has never been easier for brands to reach so many people. 

TikTok Ads gives you various targeting options so you can target the exact demographic you want to see your ads. During the ad group creation procedure, you can choose your targeting audience on TikTok.  

If you haven’t started advertising on this platform, now is the time!

Targeting Options 

There are numerous ways for you to find people who are most likely to visit your profile or buy your product. TikTok gives you targeting options that can target people by their phone, operating system, behaviors on the platform, or their interests in general. 

Let’s dive deeper and show you various ways to target the best possible audience for your brand! 

Targeting Audience on TikTok

Location Targeting 

Regarding location targeting, you can display your ad to a specific country, state, region, province, etc. Keep in mind that not all options are available in all countries. Location type could be city, country, region, department, district, DMA regions, province, state, or urban district. Keep reading to discover more options for targeting audience on TikTok. 

Interest Targeting 

This is the easiest way to reach people interested in topics relevant to your brand. It has numerous categories that you can select. If you’re unsure who your best audience is, you can choose some options related to your brand, and the platform can help you find your potential customers. 

The algorithm collects data based on people’s long-term interactions with content on TikTok. That way, you can be sure that it will find the right people for your product. The best practice is to apply multiple interest categories so the audience is always balanced or broad and not too narrow.  

Behavior Targeting 

With this option, you can find people who had specific interactions with your ad. It is a great way to display your ad to people interested in products relevant to yours. When you compare it to interest targeting, you’ll see that this option gives you people who actually took some action on videos in specific categories. 

You can choose between video-related actions and creator-following actions. Video-related actions are certain behaviors people did in the 7 to 15 days with organic video content. That includes video completion (comments and shares). 

As for creator following actions, you can target people who follow specific type(s) of creators or people who had viewed the profile pages of a particular type(s) of creators in the last 30 days. Behavior targeting is highly recommended if you have trouble with low-performing ads. 

Recommendations from TikTok  

Targeting Recommendation 

After the algorithm collects some data about your audience, it will show you what kind of interests and behaviors your audience has, and you can create new ad groups based on that. This is good because sometimes you may discover that a specific group of people is buying your product that you would never think of.  

Targeting Expansion 

This option can save you time. Targeting Expansion is a smart function that helps you locate the perfect audience for your advertising automatically. When you enable Targeting Expansion, the system will broaden your targeting settings if it forecasts that delivering advertising based on your initial targeting decisions will be difficult.  

Valuable TikTok Data for Retargeting    

Website Traffic Audience 

You have various options to create audiences in your Ads Manager based on the collected data. Website Traffic is a Custom Audience option that allows you to create an audience of users who visited or took a specific action on your website.  


Engagement is a Custom Audience option that allows you to create an audience from users who have engaged with your ad content on TikTok. It's great for finding people who have already shown interest in your content. A minimum audience size of 1,000 is required to target Custom Audiences in an ad group. 

Lookalike Audience 

Lookalike Audience can assist you in identifying audience groupings that are similar to your current customers. It could help you identify audiences interested in your product and expand your target market. For example, if you create a Lookalike Audience for people who watch the entire ad, the algorithm will look for those most likely to watch the whole or the half of it so that you can target them. 


It’s crucial to start with an upper-funnel optimization event such as View Content and Add to Cart, just so the algorithm can collect data from the users. Also, it's recommended to pass the learning phase because, in that phase, the algorithm collects data. When you collect all the data with the help of the targeting options mentioned above, you will see what audience is the best fit for your brand. 


Targeting Audience on TikTok


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