How to make a profitable Amazon marketing strategy amid COVID-19?

 Amazon marketing strategy

A profitable Amazon marketing strategy includes focusing on several key factors: the product and ad budget, brand’s goals, competitors on Amazon, and online customers. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so do its effects on the eCommerce industry. Many Amazon sellers have struggled in the past year and a half to find the right marketing strategy and make profits on Amazon. People's online behavior continually evolves, and there were drastic online and offline shopping changes during the mentioned time frame. Both sellers and buyers had to adapt to a new situation. Read on and discover what it takes to make a profitable Amazon marketing strategy amid COVID-19!


We all remember how it was before the lockdown and our online shopping habits at the time. But when the pandemic started, we began spending more time at home and didn’t have many options except to purchase online. This global switch in shopping behavior had a massive impact on increasing Amazon revenue (organic and PPC), and it changed eCommerce as it became more competitive, especially on Amazon. In addition, many Amazon sellers had issues with managing a surging demand for their products. We’ll never forget the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020.

Now, when the countries are slowly reopening, and people are returning to workplaces, restaurants, and stores, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on eCommerce continues. Shoppers are now used to buying online more than ever before, and it will affect years ahead. 

If you’re an Amazon seller, this is your big chance to gain even more sales, make promotions, and push your products with various Amazon campaigns that are also improving every day.


To improve your brand and achieve an increase in sales, you need to take care of each product and its visual appearance on the Amazon website. People won’t stop scrolling to pay attention unless it’s eye-catching and attractive enough. 

You have to use high-quality product images. The product listing must include an on-point headline and a detailed and interesting description. With PPC and headline campaigns, don’t just put something basic in headlines. Consider what your customers look for in a product, and be sure to emphasize it.  

Regarding keyword targeting campaigns, don’t forget to do constant research, as people are not searching in the same way as they did before. There are always some new keywords that will pop up and bring you an increase in sales.

We mentioned above that Amazon sellers had a big issue with the inventory at one point of the pandemic. So keep in mind that you must always have enough inventory. If you go out of stock, it will be like you don’t exist, and as new competitors emerge daily, you will need to push even harder than before.


With new sellers and products emerging daily in every category on Amazon, it’s crucial to stay ahead of your competition and make the most of Amazon PPC. Each campaign type regularly improves, so be sure to follow what is new, create campaigns, optimize, and test accordingly. Regarding ASIN targeting, always research new competitors that you can target. The same goes for keyword targeting, with plenty of available options. Research from time to time as people's behavior changes now faster than ever. The Amazon marketing strategy that worked for you at the peak of the pandemic may not work anymore. Staying up to date and testing is the key to succeed in online sales! 

When it comes to boosting profitability, it’s never the same for every category. Be open to new approaches in campaigns and targeting; test and regularly improve your product images and descriptions. All of this can improve your sales, and the hard work will pay off in the end. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on how people buy and interact online in 2021. The ongoing global situation significantly accelerated the rise in online shopping. As an Amazon seller, it’s crucial to always be in trend with PPC news. Analyze how customers search for your category and what is important to them when choosing your product. 

Be sure to optimize your product listings; use high-quality images, spot-on headlines, and detailed descriptions to make your products stand out from competitors. If you struggle to increase profitability on Amazon, you can always contact us! The first step is to book our FREE audit. To learn more about our Amazon PPC service and how we can help you make the best possible marketing strategy, head over to our website!

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Tamara Zeravljev is a Senior PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley. She has been in the PPC business for two and a half years and has experience in Amazon, Tik Tok and Google Ads. Worked with various clients, from small businesses to 8-figure sellers. Google and Amazon Advertising certified. Learning and sharing her knowledge with other colleagues is a favourite part of her job. 

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