How to maximize your profits with Amazon marketing campaigns?

Amazon marketing campaigns

Are Amazon marketing campaigns a part of your business advertising strategy? Whatever was your first and primary goal in PPC, you’ll always have questions and plans to boost your profits. It’s crucial to know that you can increase sales with flexibility, testing, and constant optimization.

For the beginning, let's separate this into two parts–a new Amazon seller who wants to rank products and an already developed Amazon seller who wants to increase profits. Depending on which category you belong to, here is how to maximize your earnings with Amazon marketing campaigns!


If you’re new or already having products on Amazon, one of your goals should be to have your ASINs ranking higher. To achieve this, you need to increase organic and PPC sales, and to accomplish that, start by finding the most relevant keywords that you will target with higher bids and budgets. As those campaigns will probably spend more with a higher ACoS, don’t try to decrease it a lot. You want to invest in getting ranking higher, and when you achieve that in return, you will for sure have more sales

Your ASINs will have more reviews while being more attractive to buyers.
Keep in mind that constant optimization of Amazon marketing campaigns is a must! Every good optimization starts with a consistent look into customer search terms, targeted keywords, and ASINs. You need to optimize those campaigns but don't decrease bids if unnecessary, as your goal needs to be led by investing more to gain more. But keep in mind that the focus should be on good performing and non-performing ones. Increase bids or/and placements to increase sales and start moving non-performing ones. With optimizing spend and ACoS, you will always have a good investment in targets that are bringing the sales. 

With that said, don’t limit your campaigns to a specific budget and leave it that way as you will lose sales as the campaign increases with good performance. For campaigns that have lower ACoS and are selling, always take care to have a sufficient budget for those campaigns because that way, you will have more and more sales each week.

Follow these steps to ensure success as a new Amazon seller:

  • Set up your products with good quality images, titles, bullet points, and product description
  • Get customer reviews
  • Create ranking push campaigns with targeting the most relevant keywords 
  • Optimize budgets

That was just a part of a constant lookout on account and Amazon marketing campaigns, but we have just started.


If you’re this type of Amazon seller looking to increase profits further, it’s necessary to do all the things mentioned above. In particular, focus on creating new Amazon marketing campaigns with regular A/B testing on new campaign types and using a unique approach on targeting keywords or competitors (same as your products or complement ones). Continue reading to get a better understanding. 

As you have all optimization parts set and constantly optimize, it’s also essential to never stop making new campaigns while researching new relevant keywords and ASINs that you can target. The Amazon market is continuously growing with new competitors each day. People's behavior and way of searching online are changing. 

To conclude, always research what you can target to get more sales and where you can set your ASINs to show.

Another part is doing A/B testing because Amazon has novel ways of targeting within new campaign types. Challenge your ASINs and test different campaigns and targets. 

It can surprise you sometimes how good some ASINs can sell on things that didn’t even come to your mind at first. If you are not testing, you’ll stay in the old-school PPC. Explore and be flexible!

As you can see, there are many factors and a lot of work included in increasing your sales. To make this easier, we’ll sort these steps into bullets:

  • Invest in campaigns to get a higher ranking on ASINs with top keywords
  • Optimize search terms and targets on a daily/weekly basis
  • Optimize your budgets and increase them for good-performing campaigns
  • Continually create new Amazon marketing campaigns with new targets
  • Perform A/B testings


The goal of all sellers is to maximize profits! It’s crucial to know that a lot of work and constant improvement goes into achieving this. Even if we are talking about organic enhancements, they also need to be in focus all the time, along with the PPC part that needs to be optimized daily, weekly, and monthly to get to know your products and their categories. 

Constant and good optimization of Amazon marketing campaigns and following all the steps mentioned above are necessary to maximize your profits on Amazon. Our team of experienced PPC professionals is ready to get your brand on a one-way street to eCommerce success with Amazon Advertising. Book a FREE Audit and join us today!

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Tamara Zeravljev

Tamara Zeravljev is a Senior PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley. She has been in the PPC business for two and a half years and has experience in Amazon, Tik Tok and Google Ads. Worked with various clients, from small businesses to 8-figure sellers. Google and Amazon Advertising certified. Learning and sharing her knowledge with other colleagues is a favourite part of her job.

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