How to write a captivating copy for your Amazon ad?

Amazon Ad Copy

The mighty Amazon 

The power of online advertising in expanding the reach, finding new customers, and driving sales has been recognized by companies of all sizes, and Amazon has mastered this marketing form.

Since the launch of Amazon Advertising in 2012, the businesses have various search advertising solutions at disposal. They include cost-per-click ads for Amazon sellers and e-commerce enabled display ads for Amazon vendors.

Use the full potential of creative copywriting 

Getting to know Amazon ads will allow you to utilize the full potential of creative copywriting for promoting your products. To decide which of the following ad solutions works for your product, focus on what truly represents your brand and goals.

  •  Sponsored Brands allow the promotion of products or specific brands to make it easier for customers to discover and buy products on Amazon. They appear right under the search bar as headline banner ads. You get to display your product collection, along with the logo and a customized headline. Use Sponsored Brands to boost your brand awareness and increase engagement. 

To access them, your brand needs to be a part of the Amazon Brand Registry. 

  • Sponsored Display ads are powerful in reaching audiences on their purchasing journey and introducing them to your new product. These high-visibility display ads use Amazon’s audience demographics data to target audiences based on their shopping behavior. You can even target your competitors by placing your best product under their listing. They are available to professional sellers listed in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and Amazon marketing agencies.

Tips & tricks for creating Amazon ad copy

Tips and Tricks for creating Amazon Ad Copy

Once you have become familiar with advertising options and how each ad type can boost your brand awareness and sales, it's time to create your first Amazon ad. 

There are plenty of Amazon ad specs, including ad sizes and policies, which need to be followed. The next tips will help you write a better copy for your ad's headline, with Amazon guidelines in mind:

Accurate description

First, your ad has to be written clearly and accurately, providing customers with the correct information before engaging with your ad or deciding to buy your product. Also, it has to be in the primary language of the Amazon site on which your ad is displayed.

Target audience

Second, if you want to promote your product in the best possible way, you have to know your target audience. Since Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display have a 50 characters limit for the headline, it is crucial to focus on your product's biggest benefits for consumers. Go over your product's bullet points, description, and if you have customers' reviews, be sure to read them as well. This will help you pinpoint its values and allow you to send a captivating message to attract potential buyers. 

Call To Action

Amazon has specific rules regarding the use of CTA (call to action). 

A clear and direct CTA will improve your ad's performance, and is required for desktop ads running onsite and for Fire device ads. It's encouraged on mobile but not required. 

Also, you can't use end punctuation, and CTA has to remain on a single line. 

Pressuring language

Amazon protects the customer’s shopping experience by prohibiting pressuring language, which creates a sense of urgency. 

When writing your ad's copy, engage with your customers without appearing to shout at them. 

Get inspired by these brands

Pet Supplies

pet supplies headline

The ever-growing number of pet brands comes as no surprise if you consider that over half of American households have pets. 

Pet owners spend the most money on pet food, followed by treats and pet medication.

With those facts in mind, a good ad headline should focus on providing satisfaction to pet owners and their fur babies. Incite the customer’s desire to reward their pet, use a well crafted CTA, highlight the quality ingredients of your product, or remind them to keep pesky fleas away.    


Amazon Ad Copy

By 2027, the global smartwatch market will reach a value of $96.31 billion.

Although considered to be luxury wearable devices, smartwatches have seen an increase in popularity and the number of leading manufacturers is substantial.

The purchasing decision of smartwatch fans is influenced by a variety of product’s key features, such as alerts, apps, media management, fitness tracking, and battery life. 

Use a Sponsored Display ad to announce your brand’s latest product or write a headline with emphasis on health and fitness.  

Exclude from your advertisement copy

  • Pressuring language creating a sense of urgency (i.e. “Hurry while supplies last”)
  • Exclamations (exception: part of the brand or product name)
  • Use of all caps (exception: brand name or the title on the detail page formatted in the same way)
  • Any combination of two or more of the following: copy in all caps, punctuation marks, large font sizes (i.e. “UNMISSABLE WINTER DEALS!”)
  • Superlative statements or claims (i.e. “Best phone on the market”). The exception is made for those supported by an objective third-party source or study and written on the product detail page
  • Special characters in place of letters, within or around words (i.e. “N.O.W.”)
  • Diminishing of another brand or product (i.e. “better made than company/brand/product”)
  • End punctuation in CTA (such as “Shop Now!”)
  • Vague call to action (such as “Click Now”)
  • A language not appropriate for a family audience
  • Ratings, rank, price, or specific savings
  • Emoji and ASCII art 
  • Excessive ellipses

To conclude 

When you are launching an advertising campaign for your product, there are a lot of factors to consider. To create a successful Amazon advertising strategy that will boost items' visibility, help shoppers discover your products, and increase sales, you must understand advertising options, and follow specific guidelines. 

It can be particularly challenging if you are new to the world of Amazon advertising. 

That is where our team of PPC experts comes in to help you out. If you are looking to boost your brand visibility and sales on Amazon, start by booking our free audit today! 

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