Introduction to Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads Amazon

Former name Headline  Search Ads have been changed to Sponsored Brands and refers to the type of campaigns that can be created by registered brands. These campaigns are very useful when it comes to introducing users to the brands and products. When clicking on the ad the customer is directly forwarded to the brand page or client's product listing. 

Why choose Sponsored Brand Ads?

Sponsored Brand Ads are positioned at the top of search, bottom of search (video) and product pages. Depending on where they are displayed, they have different formats. Unlike Sponsored Product campaigns that can only be created in Sellers Central (SC), Sponsored Brand campaigns can be created in both SC and Advertising Console. This ad type stands out because of its creative options.  With Sponsored Brand Ads it’s possible to insert custom image, video, headline and they constantly get new features. For example, now Amazon lets you optimize your ad by showing other products from your landing page in the ad if those are more relevant to customers. Also, these campaigns are different from other types of campaigns because AB testing is enabled.

Types of Sponsored Brand Ads

Based on the ad type you can choose:

  • Product collection 
  • Store Spotlight
  • Video Ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads types

Product collection 

Product collection campaigns are giving you the possibility to advertise 3 products at a time with more creative and catchy ads. When creating Product collection campaigns you can add a logo, headline (50 characters), and a new feature is a possibility to add a Custom image. This way the products look more attractive and buyers can really see their benefits. These campaigns redirect you to clients' brand page, clicking on one of 3 products redirect you to the client's product listing.  When creating campaigns it is possible to target keywords (all 3 match types - exact, broad and phrase) and Products/Categories.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Store Spotlight 

Is a feature for mobiles only. Drive traffic to a Store, but it is important to have at least 4 pages on Amazon. This type of campaign is good for sellers with a large number and different groups of ASINs. Each page on the storefront is made up of similar ASINs which makes it easier for customers to search and select the desired products. In order to be able to create this type of campaign, it is necessary to have a registered brand in brand registry 2.0.

Video Campaigns 

Feature only one product with an auto play video. These Ads describe the product in the best way and lead products to have better search result position. Also, they have a great impact on organic sales. When creating this type of SB ads you can target only keywords (exact, broad and phrase match types). In order for your video campaign to be approved, it is important to follow all Amazons Video file requirements.

Video ads - Sponsored Brand Ads

Ever evolving world of Sponsored Brands Ads

The policy of Sponsored Brand campaigns has changed a lot over time. In the past if one of three advertised products go out of stock your campaign will be automatically paused. Today, Amazon requires at least 1 in stock product on the product list page or Store landing page in order to remain active. 

The problem with this type of Ads is that you don't have insight in which of 3 products has been sold, you get only overall impressions, clicks and sales without knowing which ASIN has the best performance.

Extra tip for Sponsored Brand Ads 

When creating these campaigns, it is possible to choose three desired products, and the best way to choose them is from a business report by taking the three best-selling ASINs with the highest number of orders and ACoS below account average.

As already mentioned, it is possible to target keywords with all 3 match types, but the most profitable way to create these ads is to get keywords from Search Term Report for 30-60 days period, get between 10 and 20 best performing Customers Search Terms and target them with only exact match type. These ads are catchy and clickable, and this way you will avoid irrelevant clicks and unwanted spend.

Wrapping it up

If you are a FBA seller on Amazon, you can dive into the ever evolving world of Sponsored Brand Ads. With this type of ads you will get a lot of brand exposure and lead potential customers to your products in no time. The greatest benefit of Sponsored Brand Ads is that you can get as creative as you can and present your products in the best possible way - through product collections, Store spotlight and video campaigns. 


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