Introduction to Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is a self-service advertising solution that helps advertisers reach relevant audiences with ad placements that appear on and off Amazon. 

If you are a professional seller, vendor or agency that sells on Amazon and you want your product to be constantly in front of the eyes of a potential customer throughout his buyer's journey, then you should use Sponsored Display ad campaigns.

Benefits of Sponsored Display campaigns

If you are all set for success, you should have an established strategy which includes choosing the best type of ads for your business. With Sponsored Display ads you will get a lot of impressions, reach a wide audience and get a unique branding of your products.

Here are more benefits of using these ads:

  • Create campaigns in just a few minutes 
  • They bring traffic to the detailed product page
  • Automatic creation of audiences based on Amazon shopping insights
  • Great for branding and repeat business - your customers will see your ads and be reminded of your brand
  • You don't need to create your own ad creative. Ad creatives are automatically generated and include a product image, pricing, deals, star rating etc.

Where Sponsored Display ads appear? 

sponsored display product targeting

Based on the targeting options you choose, your ads may appear both on and off Amazon. On desktop, mobile sites, and apps based on the audiences or product targeting strategy you choose.

The most common place where you can see a Sponsored Display ad appear is on a detailed product page below key product features or below a Buy box.

How to create Sponsored Display ads? 

Step 1: Go to Amazon Seller Central, click “Create Campaign” and select  “Sponsored Display”

sponsored display ads amazon

Step 2:  Set your campaign name, budget, and duration.

The minimum advertising daily budget is $1 and the minimum cost per click is $.02 according to Amazon.

Sponsored Display Ads cpc

Step 3: Pick a product to advertise

Sponsored Display Ads

Step 4: Choose one of the targeting options. You can choose between targeting a specific audience or products/categories. 

Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon

Step 5: After you selected an option click on the “Launch Campaign” and that’s it. 

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What’s so great about Sponsored Display ad targeting?

These kinds of ads have advanced targeting options which can lead you to increased sales and improved PPC metrics. What’s so great about them? Well, with audience targeting you can target people based on their earlier searches, views and purchases and with product targeting you can choose competitors products and advertise on their product pages. 

Audience targeting 

If you choose to aim for the audiences, you will get 3 additional options for targeting: 


Target shoppers who searched for keywords relevant to your products but have not purchased in the last 30 days. If you select this option your ads will appear both on and off Amazon. The specificity of this option is that you will pay according to the number of impressions, regardless of whether someone clicked on your ad or not.


Views category is for shoppers who viewed the detail page of your advertised products or similar products but haven’t purchased in the last 30 days. This is a very similar to search option but the difference is because these people have visited the page. Ads will only appear outside of Amazon and you will pay per clicks.


Target Shoppers who previously purchased your advertised products but not purchased from you in the last 365 days. If you are selling something that requires repeat purchases or it comes out with new models this option could be a good choice. 

Product targeting

This is a manual type of targeting that gives you the ability to determine the category or ASINs where you want your product to appear. With this option, you are able to use the data that you already have for targeting your competitors products. All you have to do is find competitors' ASINs from Search term reports that have achieved sales in yours Sponsored Product campaigns and target them in the Sponsored Display campaigns. 

There is also an option to target your products. By doing this you will allow other similar products to appear next to the one that customers clicked on. These selected products will appear on the product page where searchers will eventually make a purchase. This option doesn’t give your competitors any space on your product pages, so they can’t ,,steal” your sales. 

Want to know more about product and category targeting on Amazon? Click here!

To sum it up

Sponsored Display is the new type of campaign which became really popular among advertisers and sellers who want to bring their PPC strategy to a higher level. Right now, these ads are in Beta so we can expect some new options which will make them more engaging.  

Sponsored Display Ads are being displayed to the right audience with relevant shopping activities that match your product. They represent a unique remarketing tool which can help you catch the interest of searchers who already searched, viewed or purchased your product or similar ones. Create campaigns for these types of ads in a few clicks, select your audience, set daily budget and bid, choose the product you want to sell and that’s it. Let the shoppers' journey begin!

If you want to reach the right audience and upgrade your PPC account, book a free audit. We will provide you with a detailed plan how to boost sales and optimize your spend. 

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