A Complete Overview of Brand Analytics on Amazon

Brand Analytics

Selling on Amazon has been in rapid expansion in the last few years. Numerous features have been added to improve your advertising strategy and provide more precise and important data to maximize your sales. Alongside new features in PPC optimization, Amazon offers various useful reports for registered brands and brand owners. They can reveal helpful information about your product’s position, competition, and the type of customers that encounter and interact with your brand. Keep reading to learn what you can find within Brand Analytics reports

Amazon Search Terms

This report provides the search term frequency ranking for the selected period and the top three ASINs that the customers clicked on when searching the term. Note that the ranking represents the search frequency of the specific term but not the exact search volume. Amazon ranks a search term based on the number of searches. So the higher the search volume, the better the ranking. 

We can search for a specific keyword or ASIN, our competitor’s or ours, and see the ranking of a particular word. Or if the ASIN we are interested in is being clicked for that term. This report is beneficial because it can help us optimize our PPC campaigns, bid on the high frequency ranked terms, and examine our position compared to our competition. Also, we can use these terms to optimize our product listing and include the relevant terms with high search frequency.

Brand Analytics

Repeat Purchase Behavior

This Brand Analytics report refers only to our inventory and shows us the number of repeated purchases per ASIN made by unique users in the selected period. One user can buy multiple units, so the order and user numbers can differ. This information is useful since it tells us which ASINs have created loyalty among customers to push advertising more aggressively. 

Brand Analytics

Market Basket Analysis Report

This report tells us which ASINs—our or competitor’s products—are bought together with our own in the selected period. The products do not have to be from the same category since the report shows us all the ASINs purchased on the same occasion. But we can search by ASIN or keyword or filter out only our products. 

Using this data, we can group ASINs from our inventory and see which already often bought together ASINs could make a good bundle. And this way, we can create a new offer to promote our products further. 

Also, we can use this data to create ASIN targeting campaigns since this report gives us an excellent overview of which competitors’ ASINs are purchased with ours. Or we can create ASIN defensive campaigns, display ads on our products, protect our ASINs from the ads of our competitors, and suggest our complementary product simultaneously.

Brand Analytics

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior Report

This section is divided into two reports. Item Comparison Report shows us the top five ASINs customers compared us with, while Alternate Purchase Report shows the top five ASINs customers chose over ours. Both of these reports can help you to get to know your competition, discover main competitors, and, most importantly, check your listings. 

Use them to analyze the ASINs you were compared with or chosen over, and make a comparison:

  • Are the competitors’ prices lower, or do their products include more benefits and features for the same price?
  • Do the listing photos show their product's benefits and features more clearly?
  • Did the competitors highlight the product benefits more clearly within bullets? 
  • Does the competition have better reviews and ratings?
  • Is the delivery date shorter?

You can also use the reports to optimize your PPC campaigns. Comparing your products listings to your competitors’ ASINs, you can check if your ASINs are showing among products that are not similar or are used for a different purpose. It can be possible that your product is displayed for the misleading keywords or that you targeted wrong ASINs in your ASIN targeting campaign, and your competitors have better or different offers. 

You can use this information to negate keywords that are not related to your product and vice versa, add terms that can be relevant and that your competitors used on their product pages.

Demographics Report

This Brand Analytics report lets you know your key audience more clearly and better adjust your targeting preferences. The information provided is related to age, household income, education, gender, and marital status. You can use this data to create a more clear picture of who your customers are and what could be their purchasing preferences. 

Using this data, you can customize your advertising off Amazon on another digital platform such as Facebook or Google Ads and adapt your product pages to be more appealing to your target audience. 

This can help you with the image selection and A+ content or types of information you want to include in your bullets, as well as for Sponsored Brands and Display campaigns’ custom images and headlines. Adjusting your content according to your audience preferences can help you achieve better results and make your ads more attractive to your target groups. 

Another way you can use a Demographics Report is to plan your future inventory. If you are considering expanding the range of your products, this can help you create your customers’ profiles and choose the best products that fit their needs.


Choosing the best advertising strategy on Amazon means being skillful in analyzing and creative when using the available data. With competition growing by the month, using all available information is crucial when aiming for the best position for your product and strong brand promotion. 

The reports within Brand Analytics provide you with enough data and possibilities to be analytical and playful. They will help you create a top advertising strategy and high-quality content to engage your customers and expand your business.

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Natasa Aleksic

Nataša Aleksić is a PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley with four years of experience in digital marketing. With her background in social sciences, she showed an in-depth understanding of marketing mechanisms and gained valuable experience working with global brands, which led her to Amazon Ads.

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