Sponsored Display Ads & vCPM Bid Optimization

Sponsored Display


Let’s begin with explaining the purpose of a Sponsored Display campaign before we get into it. Sponsored Display helps you reach more people as they browse or buy products on the Amazon home page, product detail pages, and shopping results pages. Display ads are shown on desktop/mobile sites and apps depending on the audience or product strategy you choose.

You can purchase Sponsored Display ads on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis and pick your daily bids and budget. You can always change your current bid or even your daily budget (increase or decrease) or pause your ads. In the Sponsored Display ads, you can not target keywords. You can target products, audiences, and categories, depending on what you want to accomplish.


Sponsored Display


Sponsored Display ads are measured using metrics in a similar way to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. They include ACoS (advertising cost of sales), orders, impressions, CPC (cost-per-click), Spend, and many other metrics.

Product targeting in Sponsored Display ads allows you to target specific products or categories of detail pages on Amazon to help reach new customers. You can use it with audiences targeting. With product targeting, we can help generate detailed page traffic, and then with audiences, combined with views remarketing, to re-engage audiences and secure missed sales opportunities.

Sponsored Display ads appear on different locations from Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads. They are mainly shown on detailed product pages, in the right corner or underneath product descriptions, and even on third-party websites and apps. Be aware–your ads will be showing only when your product is in stock and if your products are the Featured Offer.


What is Twitch?

Twitch is an online streaming platform with 7 million creators streaming each month, and 2.5 million people are watching live at any given moment. On Twitch, you have several categories to watch, depending on what you are searching for:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Talk Shows
  • Sports
  • Travel & Outdoors
  • Just Chatting
  • Food & Drink
  • Special Events



All Sponsored Display audiences campaigns are available to serve on Twitch Browse and Discovery pages. They are only available for ad campaigns based in the following countries: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain

You can now use Sponsored Display audience ads to target audiences on Twitch when they are watching their favorite streamers. Ads will leverage new creative experiences that are visually similar to Twitch to help engage or re-engage relevant audiences. Sellers and vendors can use this ad type. To access it, you can go through the Advertising console.

64% of all Twitch users purchase products recommended by influencers! 56% of all Twitch viewers tend to buy from brands they see advertised. It’s not just Gaming. There is Art, Beauty, Food and Drinks, Music, and Just Chatting content. When your brand is ready to start advertising on Twitch, you can contact Twitch representatives to find the right way to connect with audiences. 


In the Sponsored Display ads, you can also add your brand logo to increase brand awareness, and from the last update, you can add a Custom Image. Custom images will help shoppers learn about your product and brand. With them, you can drive more traffic to your brand/product, and in combination with audiences, customers can learn more about your product and consider purchasing.


In the Sponsored Display ads, you can optimize bids in three ways:

  • Optimize for viewable impressions (vCPM)
  • Optimize for page visits (CPC)
  • Optimize for conversions (CPC)


Sponsored Display


We will now cover the bid optimization for Viewable impressions (vCPM)Viewable impressions will automatically optimize bids to help drive product awareness. 

This type of bid optimization is different from others. It’s the paying cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) model, where you pay per thousand impressions that shoppers viewed instead of cost-per-click (CPC).

Amazon will help serve ads to relevant audiences to maximize reach while optimizing against frequency to help drive post-view engagement when you use this bid optimization strategy. These campaigns are more likely to have a higher viewable impression scale and lower click-through or conversion rates than other bid optimizations.


Optimization for viewable impressions is based on clicks and estimated views. Other bid optimization strategies, including Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns, have an attribution type based on clicks only. Keep in mind that the minimum bid for this type of bidding optimization is 3$. You can set it lower, but ads may not deliver.

Be aware of the bid optimization for page visits and conversions. You can change the bidding strategy whenever you want because both cost types are cost-per-click. But if you select Optimize for viewable impressions, you can not change the bid optimization because it’s only bid optimization with vCPM cost type. 


Use Sponsored Display ads with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands for the best approach for relevant customers. In Sponsored Display ads, you can target products or audiences. With new features from Amazon, you can now add brand logos and custom images. 

Drive more product awareness by using viewable impressions bid optimization (vCPM). Also, use Sponsored Display ads to target audiences on Twitch. Keep in mind that Twitch is a live stream platform with 7 million creators each month, which can significantly benefit your brand.

If you need help with Sponsored Display and other ad formats on Amazon, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced PPC specialists are here to help you. Prepare your business for the busiest time of the year for eCommerce sellers and book a FREE Amazon audit today!

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