Ten reasons to start with Amazon PPC right now

Amazon PPC

Is Amazon PPC a part of your online marketing strategy? Many brands use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to find their audience. It’s an affordable and highly measurable way to put your product in front of new customers ready to buy it. One of the primary reasons sellers do business on Amazon is access to a broad customer base with a high conversion rate. It’s something you can’t find in any other eCommerce platform! 

Advertising on Amazon is the best way to present your product in front of many people, including your potential customers. Millions of products are available on Amazon, and the number keeps on growing each minute. Even if you have selected a perfect product to sell and made it available on Amazon, you still must let the world know about it. Your goal is to push it from the 4th or 5th page of Amazon Search Results and make it more visible. We’ll show why Amazon PPC presents an excellent option for any brand’s PPC advertising strategy.  


Amazon PPC is an auction system in which advertisers bid on keywords. When an Amazon customer performs a product search, the sellers with the highest bids on relevant keywords win the auction, and their products get listed in their chosen placement. Advertisers only pay the bid price if their Amazon ad gets clicked. 

Below are the top 10 reasons why you should start with Amazon PPC advertising right now! 


You’ve probably devoted a significant amount of time and money to marketing strategies centered on improving your visibility on Google. For years now, Google has been seen as the go-to place for finding answers, products, and brands online. It still matters, for sure, but now, 51% of people say they start their search for products on Amazon, and 69% say they use the site to find products. That puts Amazon ahead of Google as the number one search engine for online shopping


Amazon PPC advertising allows you to run various ad types so your products can be visible on different Amazon ad spaces. Since the number of shoppers on Amazon increased significantly after the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon PPC advertising is the best solution to increase your sales and beat your competitors

You can also be on the top of Amazon if you are using relevant keywords. There is one more terrific option – target shoppers based on search terms. 

The Amazon Search Term Report shows the most popular search terms in the Amazon store during a given period, along with each term’s search frequency rank and the top three products that collected customers clicked on after searching that term. 


Unlike Sponsored Ads, Enhanced Brand Content ads require a brand registry. It’s a way of protecting your brand on Amazon. Enhanced Brand Content allows small businesses to look like big ones fast and gives access to further marketing tools to help increase your conversion rate and get your product in front of more people. 

One of those marketing tools is a Sponsored Headline ad. A Headline ad enables sellers to take a prime position on a search result page, allowing them to display three of their products across the search bar. 


The adjust bids by placement feature allows you to set bid multipliers between 0% and 900% for Sponsored Products. Placements are where your ads may appear across Amazon’s advertising platform.

If you choose to adjust bids by placement, they will be increased by the specified amounts when your ads compete for opportunities on those placements. Every keyword and ad group is different and should be treated as such. But, each ad placement is also unique, with its pros and cons.

These are the three locations where your ad can be placed:

  • Top-of-search
  • Product pages
  • Rest-of-search


The better your brand is known, the more direct traffic you will get. Using branded search terms (associated with your brand), you will probably see a spike in organic traffic. Long-term customer relationships support making more revenue. Generating brand loyalty is a great way to increase the validity of your business. Amazon PPC is a powerful way to influence a positive outcome! 


How many visitors does your website get each month? You could go check in Google Analytics right now, but, frankly, no matter what the number is, it pales in comparison to Amazon’s estimated 190 million monthly visitors. Note that not all those visitors will be searching for the items you sell, but even just a tiny fraction can represent a wealth of new potential customers for you to tap into. 


Why is Amazon PPC important for this stage in advertising? Product reviews are of great importance to your Amazon business, and to get reviews you need, it will be through sales. If your product is new or struggling to get to the top of the search, the best option is to drive sales through PPC. Paid traffic helps to boost the visibility of your products and increase sales. Going back to the beginning of this paragraph, this will generate product reviews. Reviews are hugely important for conversion, so as your reviews improve your conversion over time, this will help improve organic ranking 


Some types of products are hard to advertise with only small images, which is why you should create video ads on Amazon. With video ads, you can present the product and show its features. Video ads can be a profitable asset in Amazon PPC advertising, so creating a great video ad can increase your sales significantly and boost brand awareness with your product. 

Sponsored Brands Custom Creative is a variation on the classic ad type, Sponsored Brands, which makes it a lot more appealing. Sponsored Brands Custom Creative was first available on mobile only, but now it can be shown on both mobile and desktop. 

Instead of highlighting three products at the top of a search page, we now have the option to attach a custom brand or product image to products. Custom Creative is an exciting new way to advertise since it can present the product colorfully and put it into multiple contexts. 


You can choose how much you’d like to bid for clicks on your product and only pay when buyers click on your ads. It gives you the flexibility to monitor your spending and pay only for clicks


Amazon still holds the upper hand when it comes to credibility, thanks to exceptional customer service and shipping. Because of this, Amazon has maintained a significant market share of online consumers simply because of its excellent services. Keep this in mind if you are choosing between Google and Amazon!


From an increasing number of people who start their search for products on Amazon to Enhanced Brand Content, Sponsored Brands Custom Creative, and paying only for clicks, the reasons to use Amazon PPC are numerous! It also creates a terrific opportunity to sell more products and also improve overall rankings. While this strategy continues to grow and become more competitive across many categories, PPC is still a significant part of an online retailer’s inbound marketing strategy

Note that PPC campaigns will only help you in your quest to get more sales and in reaching your target audience. If you are ready to get your brand on the next level with Amazon PPC or improve your current Amazon advertising strategy, we are here to help you. Start by booking a FREE Amazon audit today and join the club of successful Amazon sellers! 

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Katarina Krstic

Katarina Krstic is a Senior PPC specialist at Sellers Alley. She has 4 years of experience in PPC advertising and during that time she had a chance to work on strategies for big clients, managed over 4 millions of keywords on just one ad account, organized and managed campaigns on accounts with high spend and profit. Amazon and Google AdWords certified.





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