The Advantages of Using Helium 10 for Amazon PPC

Helium 10 for Amazon

If you’re running an online business, you know how important it is to use the right tools. With so much competition out there, it’s essential to find the tools that can help you stand out from the rest. Some agencies and advertisers use them to improve campaigns and make their work easier and more efficient. We suggest using Helium 10 for Amazon. It is one of the best toolkits that can help you boost your sales.

How Helium 10 for Amazon Works 

Helium 10 is a suite of software tools designed to help online sellers with Amazon campaigns. To use Helium 10 for Amazon and its variety of tools, you will have to pay a monthly subscription. If you choose an annual payment, you can save up to 25% per month. 

The pricing is divided into these categories:

Starter ($39 with monthly payment)

Platinum ($99 with monthly payment) 

Diamond ($249 with monthly payment) 

Elite ($399 with monthly payment) 

There is also a free version with limited functionality to test the tools before the subscription. In addition, Helium 10 provides custom plans and solutions.

Below are some of the amazing options that Helium 10 offers.  

Helium 10 for Amazon

Product Research 

To be successful on Amazon, you will need to find the products with high demand but low competition. Black Box can be of great help with finding the perfect products for you to sell on Amazon. After finding your products, you can use Trendster to check if sales for a specific product are stable throughout the year or if they are seasonal. This highly depends on your product’s niche. 

Keyword Research 

This section is one of the most used sets of tools by all Amazon advertisers. As most advertisers know, having a good set of keywords in your keyword campaigns and the backend of each product is highly important for good visibility on Amazon and, therefore, higher sales. Nothing else can help you increase sales and be dominant for a certain category as a good set of keywords on which you will be advertising your products.  

Cerebro can help you find hundreds or thousands of keywords using your ASIN and most relevant competitor’s ASINs. You will be able to see all needed information next to suggested keywords that can help you decide which ones you will use in your campaigns. 

Magnet is also a powerful tool used to do keyword research for SEO and Amazon campaigns. As Cerebro, it also provides you with a set of filters to easily narrow down keywords to the most relevant ones. The difference from Cerebro is that you will input one primary keyword, and Magnet will pull in the best and most competitive keywords according to the main one.  

Misspellinator finds the most used misspellings for your keywords that are usually not targeted, giving you a significant advantage over the competition.  

Listing Optimization 

A good listing is crucial since it sells the product. It should have all the needed information, including a well-written title, a good product description, high-quality images, and informative bullet points.

High-quality images and a great title are something that shoppers see first and can draw their attention away from other products. So it is crucial to spend enough time working on them. 

Some of the fantastic tools that Helium 10 has under the Listing category are:

  • Frankenstein – get a list of relevant search terms for better positioning of your product
  • Scribbles – helps you optimize and improve the listing title, description, and bullet points 
  • Index Checker – find all frontend and backend keywords that are indexed by Amazon and those that are not 
  • Listing Analyzer – analyze yourself, your competitors, and your market, all in one click
  • Listing Builder – get all you need for creating and improving listings 
  • Audience – get real market feedback from your audience by creating a poll  


Besides all these Helium 10 tools, there is also a separate category called Learning. You will be able to learn all you need to start and optimize your business on Amazon successfully. Through Freedom Ticket, Pro Training, and Academy, you will be ready to dominate the Amazon all by yourself.  

Apart from the Helium 10 dashboard, the Helium 10 Google Chrome extension has very useful information. Using it while on the product page, you will see Listing Health Score, Profitability calculator, Revenue calculator, Buy Box price, Sales rank, changes in price over time, inventory levels, Xray, etc.  

These were some of the options available from Helium 10 while you are on the product page. Still, other options are available if you are on the Amazon 1+ page, such as Xray – Amazon Product Research and ASIN Graber, which can help you in product research.  

Final Thoughts  

In this article, we presented only a few options that Helium 10 for Amazon provides, but there are many more that you could use for any assistance you need. 

It is important to manage your time efficiently and have everything you might need in one place. Scale your business and improve your knowledge and skills. Keep up with all the news and strategies. Lastly, try out new ways and learn more through the whole experience with the Helium 10 platform.  

About the author

Marija Popovic

Marija Popović is a PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley. Work experience in the client relations industry has given her precious insights to dive into the Amazon world with ease. Marija is a valuable team player and a great colleague. She’s sharp-minded, innovative, and always looking for new industry knowledge! 

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