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TikTok Search Engine

If you’ve been keeping up with the growth of social media platforms recently, you’ll notice that TikTok is coming around as King of the Hill of the social media platform wars. Instagram, YouTube, and various other platforms have already directly copied TikTok’s platform to the T. Companies like Instagram and YouTube have cloned the user interface of TikTok, maybe changing the button symbols at the most. Also, they are trying to imitate their algorithm for video recommendations. 

So, how do we, as marketers, take advantage of this technological shift and leverage it to increase our effectiveness in social media marketing? Let’s go through the topics we’ll be covering in this article and see how we can become better social media marketers in the process!  

Google is looking into indexing and making searchable posts that go up on TikTok and Instagram. However, they are choosing not to offer the same services to Facebook and ByteDance. What does this mean for your current social media marketing and SEO strategy? Keep reading to learn more about TikTok search engine optimization, Google indexing TikTok videos, and embedding TikTok commercials into articles for SEO purposes. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Do SEO for the TikTok search engine 
  2. Google is crawling TikTok 
  3. Embed TikTok commercials into articles 
  4. Use resources to learn more about TikTok advertising 
  5. Get help from a commercial video agency 

SEO For TikTok

Inside TikTok, there will be a magnifying glass icon that will allow you to search for top/trending videos and accounts. So, how does someone do SEO for the TikTok search engine to become more relevant and increase their watch times and interactions on the platform?  

Doing TikTok Search Engine Optimization 

  1. Focus on hashtags (long-tail keywords) 
  2. Cross-post & promote on other platforms 
  3. Use top trends/trending sounds for riding popular waves 
  4. Use calls-to-actions and promote more interactions 
  5. Remember to respond to comments!  

          Using Hashtags 

          Like how you would do SEO for your website or a landing page, using long-tail keywords and keywords with fewer videos (less competition) are the best ways to increase your videos’ visibility and views through the TikTok search engine.  

          This technique will be significantly more effective than competing with massive accounts with huge followings, publishing videos with trendy hashtags, and getting TONS of traffic/interactions on their videos. 


          TikTok Hashtag Strategy


          There are a million and one different ways for approaching a TikTok Hashtag Strategy for TikTok search engine optimization. Still, a good rule of thumb is to combine both long-tail and popular hashtags to get a bit of a mix. We’ve seen some pretty good results by using three long-tails and three popular hashtags. Try to do some experimenting with your hashtag techniques to see what works best for your brand.  

          Cross-Post & Promote On Other Platforms

          Another tactic to drive more traffic to your website is using other social media platforms to funnel into your TikTok profile and videos. You can post the same videos on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook with a link to the original TikTok video. TikTok even offers an option to cross-post your videos on Instagram; although, whether Instagram likes this feature is a different question.  

          The best cross-platform social media to use would be Pinterest, hands down, because of how their algorithm works. You can get way more impressions and click-through than if you used the direct cross-posting button to Instagram on the TikTok app.  

          Top Trends & Sounds

          A third tactic to bring in more views on your videos is to hop on the trend waves. These will be filters, camera styles, sounds, effects, etc., that the algorithm can pick up on for promotion in bulk to viewers that like the top trends on TikTok. Remember to post the video as soon as possible. Another option is to save it in the drafts for IF the trend ever comes back, which is a hard IF.  

          This tactic will not be effective for social media content calendar planning as there’s no way of telling whether that same trend will still be ‘alive’ for the post scheduled a month out in advance and may get a terrible number of views. The best practice is to do these in bulk and post them immediately or over a week. The top trends last around two weeks each, so post when it’s hot or hold on to a draft forever!  

          Use Calls To Actions & Promote Interactions 

          It’s a great idea to ask viewers to take action to make it more likely that they will interact with your profile and video commercials. Adding a Call To Action can increase your click-through rate by as much as 285%! Those are some excellent statistics to get behind when deciding whether to implement a new marketing copy technique!  

          Try to limit the CTA number within a single piece of video commercial as it may become overwhelming. If the viewer feels overwhelmed, they may choose to take NO action, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.  

          Respond To Comments

          Remember that you need to address the “social” part of social media. If we’re asking a viewer to take some sort of action, we should respond kindly by replying to their interactions with our content or brand.   

          This will create more user-generated content, and viewers will be more likely to respond to your calls to action if you’re active within the community. Social media platforms also treat these sorts of activities very favorably.  

          You can even leave comments and interactions on other people’s pages with a higher following to increase your own personal/brand visibility. It is an excellent way of engaging with the community, and people who see your comments may end up checking your account out! 

          TikTok Being Crawled By Google 

          TikTok and Instagram are going to be crawled and indexed by Google! This is awesome news for the creators that are having trouble being found through the app search.   

          It’s REALLY difficult to use the in-search feature on TikTok and Instagram, so it will be cool to see how the new feature develops in the near future. If you already use Google to find hidden Reddit threads that seem impossible to find through the Reddit platform, then this will be pretty familiar to you already!  

          According to Musically, Google is doing this to avoid further regulations of their search engine platform and keep up with the times, trying to stay relevant as other social media platforms that YouTube is competing with are increasingly gaining in popularity. 

          Embedding TikTok Commercials Into Articles 

          Something interesting to consider with your overall marketing strategy is making TikTok commercials and embedding them into your website articles to increase SEO visibility. It will help as the videos within your blog will be crawled by the robot for indexing, improving the page’s overall ranking.  

          These robots love rich media and relevant content to crawl, so making TikTok videos and embedding them within a related article is a great way to integrate multiple channels into your overall SEO strategy. Ranking for videos on Google is also a LOT less competitive than ranking for keywords in general search, so it’s a good way of ranking higher on untapped SERP real estate!

          Learn More About TikTok Advertising! 

          You can learn more about TikTok advertising in a few different ways. Sellers Alley is going to be hosting a virtual summit, SA BOOST, on November 10, 2021, at 12 PM ET, where they’ll be having highly knowledgeable TikTok advertising speakers go through topics like an intro to TikTok Ads, becoming one with TikTok, and hitting the bull’s-eye while advertising on TikTok.  

          The highly knowledgeable speaker sessions at the Sellers Alley BOOST will include appearances by Adam Nosalek, Partnerships Manager in eCommerce at TikTok, Karol Sobczak, Partnerships Manager at TikTok, and Alesia Kruczak, Account Manager at TikTok. Together with Tamara Žeravljev, a Senior PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley, and Luka Vermezović, an Account Manager at Sellers Alley, they will guide you through TikTok Ads! 

          You can also read some of our other articles on TikTok advertising and TikTok organic posting to learn more about how this innovative new social media platform works!  

          Why You Need A Video Commercial Agency 

          Creating video commercials is not easy. We outline the video, write the scripts, cast the talent, film the videos, edit the videos together, then publish and track the content for the best results. This process is a lot of work and is also very time-consuming. It’s even worse if the video commercials are being made by less experienced individuals as there’s quite a learning curve to everything from writing to filming to tracking & reporting.  

          The best practice is to find a great creative video commercial agency to do the heavy lifting of commercial video creatives. Here at Viscap Media, we’re marketers at heart and not just geeks with cameras. We want you to get the best possible results with your video commercial campaigns. To learn more about us, check Viscap Media’s page on video advertising.   


          video commercials


          Some companies aren’t sure how to approach video commercials, content marketing, and different advertising platforms. That’s totally fine! Leave it to the experts to handle these projects so you can go back to running the company you love! When you’re ready, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to set up a video call and consultation to see how we can best help your brand succeed. 

          When you want to hire a firm for video commercials, I know VisCap Media is a specialist in this field and will be your first call! They know how to increase user engagement with scroll-stopping video commercial content! This way, you’re not having to keep up with modern trends, learn new platforms, and create gripping video content. 

          Remember that these advertising platforms are essentially pay-to-win, so the best way to win with video commercials is to have a winning paid advertising campaign

          At Sellers Alley, they are THE BEST at creating media buying and paid advertising campaigns. 

          Anyway, these things have learning curves, and it’s sometimes better to step away and let the professionals handle the project. Sellers Alley can create a winning, paid marketing strategy for your company. 


          To make a long story short, having SEO for the TikTok search engine will be great for your overall page ranking and increase your visibility on the popular social media platform.  

          Google robots are crawling TikTok so that TikTok commercials will be searchable through the search engine. It’s great news as many companies will rank with their TikTok content, and the visibility of their content will also increase. 

          Embedding TikTok commercials optimized for the TikTok search engine inside your website’s blog articles will be like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to rank inside the TikTok search engine, and it’ll help the article rank higher for video inside the Google algorithm. 

          Use the additional resources provided within this article to expand your knowledge of TikTok advertising! We highly recommend attending the SA BOOST event to learn even more about TikTok from speakers that live and breathe TikTok advertising! 

          Getting help from a commercial video agency and a media buyer is the best practice to see the highest ROAS possible for your marketing campaigns.

          About the author:

          Chris Goodman

          Chris Goodman is the Marketing Manager for VisCap Media. He’s had prior experience as a CMO/COO for a local maid agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as doing digital marketing for a local sock vendor in Melbourne, Australia. He has a degree in marketing from RMIT and loves to play guitar on the weekends. 


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