Top 3 questions asked by a (potential) Sellers Alley client for Amazon PPC

Sellers Alley client

When someone becomes a Sellers Alley client for Amazon PPC, we immediately assign them a PPC specialist and a person from our communications team. The communications team helps with onboarding, finances, and daily communication. That way, the PPC specialist can fully devote themselves to guiding the account and focusing energy and knowledge towards our client’s success. 

As our company founder and CEO Lazar says:

“The main role of the communications team in a PPC company is making sure that the information flows as seamlessly as possible between the client and the rest of the team and thus, of course, allowing the PPC specialist to focus only on doing their core job with maximum focus and dedication.”

Once we establish the communication channel, the assigned communication specialist begins the client’s onboarding, and we arrange a kick-off meeting. One of our primary duties is to answer the client’s questions and resolve any issue they might have.

We get asked many questions daily, but we’d have to publish a book of answered questions if we listed them all. Therefore, here are the top 3 questions asked by a (potential) Sellers Alley client:

  • Could you describe your process in more detail?
  • When can we expect to see the first results?
  • What is the price of your services? 

Describing the Process

We like to be in charge of our client’s Amazon account to take responsibility for everything we perform. Doing keyword harvesting, both positive and negative, bidding optimization, and controlling spend is just a part of the process. Each Sellers Alley client gets a weekly report with some 30 different metrics describing what we have done in the account in the previous week. It also includes our To-Do list, describing particular account actions done in the week before and tasks that we’ll do in the following week.

We always start with the account analysis. We try not to touch the stuff that is already working. First, we create auto campaigns because they can provide a lot of valuable data for later. After we’ve done that, we can start with keyword harvesting, using the words that bring sales and cutting the ones that bring unprofitable spend.

Seeing the First Results

Of course, the customers want to know when our services will start showing results. After all, they have invested their hard-earned money in the service and expect a return on investment.

While the initial difference will be visible within the first week after we started working with the account, the most relevant change won’t happen before the first month’s expiry. Amazon PPC simply takes time. It’s not a matter of just pushing a button and getting an immediate result. It’s a bit like farming. You plant the seed, take care of the crops, and see great results afterward! We need to test out solutions for each client’s account, tend to the effects our changes are making, and leave only the best working solutions. And like some farms, certain Amazon accounts require completely new seeds after we’ve taken over. The Amazon metrics take time, and we simply have to be sure that a Sellers Alley client gets the most accurate and relevant results and statistics.

The Cost of Our Services

The question about the cost of our services is undoubtedly the most common. We are proud of our answer, which is the same for any potential Sellers Alley client. Our services’ price is different for each client’s Amazon account simply because not all accounts require the same amount of attention. However, once set, the monthly price is fixed regardless of the profits made from the ads. When offering a cost, our principle is to be fair, affordable, and realistic. So each price-inquiry journey begins with an Amazon audit. We will never use the information from an Amazon audit for anything other than assessing a client’s account. It shows areas that need work and fixing, and the potential Sellers Alley client is free to keep our audit for their further use even if they decide not to work with us. 

Final Thoughts

Answering questions to each (potential) Sellers Alley client is what our communications team does best! We wish to provide not just an Amazon PPC service but a relationship with our clients, and we genuinely enjoy being a part of everyone’s success. So, if there is anything you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask. Book our free Amazon audit today and see what new seeds we can plant on your account farm!

About the author 

Goran Milenkov

Goran is an Account Assistant in charge of making clients feel as welcome as possible and that their cooperation with Sellers Alley runs smoothly. He joined the company in 2020 and has since been a part of the communications team. Previously he worked as a communications specialist, mainly focused on the US and UK-based clients.


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