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We’ve launched our PPC Academy on YouTube over a month ago! If you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time to subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch up. 

Our PPC specialists and other experts from our ever-growing team share priceless tips and tricks each week. Sellers Alley PPC Academy is a must-see for Amazon sellers, online marketers, owners of small and large eCommerce businesses, and everyone interested in online advertising. 

As some of you know, the learning base on our website includes eBooks, podcasts, blog posts, and PPC talks with experts. On a mission to provide the best results to our clients and share PPC experts’ knowledge, we’ve created our unique PPC Academy. Our experienced specialists cover various topics from PPC 101 to Advanced PPC Tips and give straightforward advice in 3 minutes with each video. 

If you are new to our PPC Academy, here are the top 3 reasons to watch it!


You’ll score a hat-trick by subscribing to our PPC Academy! It’s simple to follow, includes a series of short videos with highlighted key points, and best of all, it’s free! 

Whether you’re a veteran of Amazon advertising or a rookie trying to figure out how it all works, you’ll be able to gain PPC knowledge with ease. If you have any questions about our videos, we’d love to hear from you, so be sure to write to us on our social media channels or send us an email. Learning PPC advertising has never been easier, and there’s a lot more to come!


Start your Amazon advertising adventure or polish up your PPC knowledge with fantastic and practical tips from our PPC 101 online video series! Learn the basic facts about ROAS, ACoS, and TACoS, what to focus on, and the importance of optimizing your campaigns and Ad Spend. Get familiar with Cost Per Click (CPC) on Amazon, what’s affecting it, and different bidding strategies. If you are an Amazon seller looking to succeed on Amazon, you should truly understand how FBA and FBM work and the pros and cons of each option. The number of reasons to watch our PPC Academy, including PPC 101, keeps on growing! 


If you are an experienced Amazon seller or online marketer looking for proven tips and tricks to step up your Amazon ad game, then you’ll love our Advanced PPC Tips videos! Watch our PPC Academy and get your eCommerce business on the one-way street to success with weekly advice from our senior PPC specialists. 

Now’s the best time to learn about the most important PPC metrics to track during Q2, optimize campaigns, and prepare your products for a profitable Q3. If you need help with CPC and bidding optimization on Amazon, we got you covered with our expert insights. If you have low inventory on Amazon, learn how to optimize your campaigns thanks to our Advanced PPC Tips and prevent the out-of-stock situation. Keep on following our PPC Academy for more great tips to maximize your profits on Amazon!


These were the top 3 reasons to watch our PPC Academy, and we have more in store for you! We’re organizing a unique SA Engage Virtual Summit in partnership with TikTok and Thrasio on May 6th! You can register here for free and save your spot on the upcoming online event. Our goal is to follow up with a brand new vlog Master TikTok Ads with Sellers Alley and provide our social media followers with more fantastic and valuable marketing tips!

Stay up to date with the latest PPC Academy videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Don’t forget to register for SA Engage and grab the chance to learn from top TikTok marketing experts for free!

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Anja Pendic

Anja is the Copywriter at Sellers Alley. She has previous work experience with USA clients, including America's Funniest Home Videos, and international companies as a Social Media Specialist, Community Manager, and Copywriter. Her inquisitive mind and analytical approach present excellent assets to her work with Amazon and Google platforms.  She loves to send memes and useful online articles to her fellow workers.


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