Top Things To Know Before Setting Up An Amazon Ads Account

Amazon Ads

Are you in the process of registering for an Amazon Ads account and becoming an Amazon seller? In this article, we’ll cover the top things to know before setting up your Amazon Ads (previously Advertising) account. We’ll show you how to check all issues within the Seller account upon starting with Amazon Ads. Also, we’ll share valuable tips and tricks to help you with your new Amazon Ads account! 

Seller Central Vs. Vendor Central 

If you run your business as a third-party seller, you should open a Seller Central account. Sellers list, price, and market their products themselves on the Amazon website. On the other hand, vendors directly sell goods to Amazon. If that’s your case, you should register for a Vendor Central account. Therefore, when you decide what type of business you want to run on Amazon, you should review the checklist provided below.  

Running Ads Alone Isn’t Enough  

Retail readiness is the key to successful Amazon Ads results and overall business success on Amazon. 

Here’s are the key things to check off the list to gain retail readiness for your Amazon Store before starting any advertising on Amazon. 

✓ Top Quality Pictures 

One could argue that pictures are one of the most important elements of successful selling on Amazon. If you nail the primary product image and back it up with some detail shots, you are well on your way to making sales and gaining profits.  

✓ Optimized Product Title  

By optimizing your title, you can entice shoppers to click on your product listing, improve ad relevancy, and get an SEO boost at the same time. 

✓ Competitive Prices 

Realistically price your product according to customers’ beliefs on the price level.

Thankfully, Amazon makes adjusting the price exceptionally easy. You can be creative and get your price dialed in by testing the product’s cost, adding coupons, etc. 

✓ Checked Inventory 

Plan your inventory accordingly. Stocks and units should be optimized. Replenishing inventory is highly recommended before running out of stock

✓ Optimized Product Description 

Between the Amazon algorithm picking up on the keywords and boosting visibility and customers understanding how your product is the superior choice, spending the extra time on the description pays big dividends. 

Capitalize on the laziness of your competitors and give your product a chance it deserves. 

✓ Descriptive Bullet Points 

Depending on whether the shopper is using a mobile or a desktop device, bullet points can be among the first details about your product that they see. Again, make sure they are keyword-rich and focus on why your product is better than competitors’ items. Make choosing your product simple for your customers and the Amazon algorithm.  

Amazon Ads 

So, let’s sum up the previous steps regarding opening a Seller account. Once you create an Amazon Selling account, there is a huge checklist that you need to cover before starting with Amazon Ads. This list will also include the steps regarding advertising on Amazon. The fact is, running a business on Amazon goes together with using Amazon Ads, since any brand on Amazon is practically dead without ads.

So let’s continue and cover all the necessary steps and requirements for starting with Amazon Ads 

  • Account 

You must have an active Professional seller account and, to use Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, and Stores, be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry

  • Featured Offer 

The products you advertise with Sponsored Products must be eligible for Featured Offer placement. Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads will be shown to shoppers regardless of which seller or vendor presents the Featured Offer. 

  • Products 

Amazon doesn’t support adult products, used or refurbished items, and products in closed categories. You should review the creative acceptance policies for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display for a complete list of permitted and prohibited categories.  

Let’s not forget the Amazon Brand registry! It will significantly boost your chances and scale your business from the very beginning before starting Amazon Ads. It allows you to register your brand as unique on the Amazon marketplace and defend it from counterfeits. Becoming a part of the Amazon Brand registry will position you as a unique player on the market. It also lets you launch more campaign types than you could without the membership. 


To conclude, many steps are needed to start selling on Amazon and using Amazon Ads. There is no successful business on Amazon without advertising! Remember, content is the king, but advertising is the queen. Amazon Ads lets you show your products to hundreds of millions of potential customers worldwide, both on and off Amazon.  

Chose the right type of advertising account for your business, follow our detailed checklist, and keep in mind the steps and requirements for Amazon Ads. The more precise your Ad account preparations are, the more successful the account management will be! 


About the author


Vukašin Mihailović is a Data Analyst at Sellers Alley with extensive experience in PPC and inbound marketing. He has been in digital advertising for over four years. Vukašin is very familiar with all relevant digital tools for advertising. He is DIMAQ certified and passionate about Amazon PPC.


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