What is Amazon Purchases Remarketing?

Amazon Purchases remarketing

You probably wonder what Amazon Purchases remarketing is, and you want to learn about its purpose and how to use it properly. In this blog post, we’ll thoroughly explain everything about this ad type, so you can use it for the goals you want to accomplish.

Audiences are ads you can create in Sponsored Display campaigns. The goal is to target shoppers and help advertisers expand their business and customers’ purchase journey on and off Amazon based on prebuilt audiences. It is an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness and ads traffic.

Amazon audiences, Views remarketing, and Purchases remarketing are the three Audiences you can target. We will cover each of them, their purpose, and how you can use them. Our primary focus will be Amazon Purchases remarketing and its benefits. 

In Sponsored Display campaigns, you can target Products and Audiences. In this particular case, we'll concentrate on Audiences.

Amazon Audiences

Reach relevant audiences using prebuilt segments:

  • Lifestyle - Positioned for awareness campaigns, these audiences reflect a variety of shopping and viewing signals, including shopping on Amazon, browsing on IMDb, and streaming on Prime Video or Twitch. 
  • Interests - Interest-based audiences allow advertisers to help raise awareness with prospective buyers based on what they frequently browse and buy. 
  • Life events - Life Events audiences allow brands to drive awareness and consideration for relevant products based around life moments.
  • In-market - In-market audiences allow advertisers to engage audiences who have been recently shopping for products in a given category.

Views Remarketing 

Views remarketing audiences allow us to target potential shoppers who have seen a product or category similar to ours. Sellers have access to data for this going back 7/14/30/60 and 90 days lookback.

Amazon Purchases Remarketing

It’s similar to Views remarketing. This Audiences type helps us target shoppers who bought products similar to ours, and we can target and refine it through category, brand, and other product features. And the advantage is, compared to Views remarketing, that you can access data for this going back 7/14/30/60/90/180 and 365 days.


Amazon Purchases remarketing

Reasons to Use Sponsored Display Purchases Remarketing

By using the new Amazon Purchases remarketing feature, you can now reach audiences via classic remarketing to re-engage old ones and drive brand or product loyalty, as well as audience discovery to reach audiences more broadly beyond those buying from your catalog.

Your ads will stop working if it is no longer possible to purchase the product. Either way, you can add products that are low stock or out of stock, and you know that you can’t spend on those products, and it won’t lead to sales until they arrive in stock and become active.

Sponsored Display audiences can help you increase or expand your ads in many places on Amazon. According to estimates, it takes customers up to 7 days to buy what they are looking for.

When to Use Sponsored Display Purchases Remarketing?

Use it to attract those customers who have bought your brand product. For example, a brand selling led lights could advertise their 7-day pack of led bulbs to shoppers who purchased a single led bulb using a 30-day lookback window or maybe expand that lookback window to one year back (365 days). 

Product consideration

You can help drive product consideration by cross-selling your products to audiences who recently bought related/complementary products. For example, a brand focused on selling lightning accessories, such as led bulbs and table lamps, can now reach shoppers who have recently purchased decoration lights within their preferred lookback window.

Reach new audiences/shoppers

Use it to reach and attract new customers who have bought a product in a category similar to yours when you want to increase traffic to your product or grow brand awareness.

Product and category remarketing

We suggest advertisers use purchase remarketing and adopt dynamic segments. These segments — “advertised products” and “related to advertised products” — can help you launch your campaigns quickly and efficiently. Specifically, “related to advertised products” helps discover and reach audiences who previously bought items that are related or complementary to your products.


Customizable lookback windows

It’s very similar to refinements, and we suggest that advertisers customize their lookback windows based on their real-world insights and the goal they want to achieve with that refinement. Lookback windows are helpful to advertisers to define the time periods when a sale occurred, such as detailed page views for views remarketing or purchases for purchase remarketing.

Bid optimization

Set an appropriate bid optimization for Audiences campaigns. If it's your goal to help drive repeat purchases and product loyalty, we suggest “optimize for conversions.” 

If your goal is to drive more consideration or awareness with a much broader audience reach, we suggest “optimize for detail page views” and “optimize for viewable impressions.”



Use Sponsored Display purchases remarketing to reach shoppers who purchased your brand’s products or similar to yours. Set your lookback window to target a past action that delivered a sale. For the lookback window, you can go back up to 365 days.

Use the segments that Amazon Purchases remarketing offers — ”related to advertised products” and “advertised products” to discover and reach audiences who previously bought products that complement yours. Lastly, test and combine all three Audiences to expand brand awareness and reach potential buyers thanks to their habits.


About the author

Strahinja Terzic is a PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley with one year of experience in Amazon PPC. His last job was in the market research sector. Strahinja is fully dedicated and focused on reaching clients’ goals and helping their businesses grow.

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