What Is Atomic-Designed Content In Videos?


PharmaPhorum defines atomic-designed content as “the process of creating modules of content to be assembled in any way the user requires” and is a perfect place to start with us talking about atomic-designed commercials. We’ll be getting more specific about this topic later on as we talk about how Viscap Media uses this design with our video commercials.  

But to give a quick overview, it’s pretty much like having a bunch of versions for each section of the atomic-designed video commercial and then having software put the different parts together to create a bunch of different video commercials. It’s a fast way of making hundred video ads out of just one. 

If you like solving puzzles, the atomic-designed commercial creating process is similar to this or even playing with building blocks.  

Let’s go through how atomic-designed video commercials are made, how the major social media and ad companies are using atomic-designed advertising, and if atomic-designed videos are even effective. 

Key Takeaways

  • Making atomic-designed ads is the process of creating different parts to be assembled later. 
  • Atomic-designed video commercials are highly effective. They are expected to replace traditional video commercials and dominate the next decade. 
  • Video commercials, in general, are increasing in importance.  
  • If you need help with video commercials, you can always reach out to professionals to handle the projects. 

How Atomic Designed Content Works 

Atomic-designed commercials are kind of like completed puzzles or putting building blocks together to make a sculpture. Each section of the video commercial would be a different piece or block that gets put together in various ways to make many completed commercials. This process becomes a lot more manageable using software and AI and allows us to make as many commercial variations as possible. All the completed products follow frameworks known to produce results and enable us to scale content at a highly efficient rate.  

Suppose there are three intro hooks, three body clips, and three CTA endings as an example. The AI would put a hook 1 with body 1 and CTA 1 to make the first video. The second video would be hook 2 with body 1 and CTA 1, so with just these nine pieces of content, we can go on to create 27 videos! Each section can be referred to as a bucket/basket and will fit into frameworks that are KNOWN to work. As an example, the framework for a demo video may be different than a UGC video. 


Atomic-designed commercials

Atomic Designed Content In Marketing

Big Tech companies, such as Google and TikTok, also use atomic-designed ads. They’re using atomic-designed ads to provide the best results possible to their users. Google uses AI and algorithms to optimize the different modules available. Google Ads will have a basket of titles, descriptions, and pictures. The elements in each section are then mixed and matched to see which combination is the winning formula. 

TikTok is doing something similar where we can upload many assets and then let TikTok take care of the rest. It’ll take different videos, headlines, etc., to test and promote the best formula. It ensures the advertiser is getting the best results when using their services and is way more efficient than manually launching a million and one different combinations! 

Modular Content At Viscap Media

Viscap Media uses atomic-designed commercials to produce more content than our competitors. It allows us to give better prices to clients than our competitors would.  

The videos are also editable! It means that when we launch video ads, we track the results each video makes, find the key insights from the winning formulas, then replicate and scale the winning elements! Try doing that with a traditional commercial! 

This way of making video commercials is also our answer to the new “privacy restrictions” that Big Tech is rolling out, such as Apple with the most recent iOS 14 updates. It includes everything from blocking third-party cookies and location to creating barriers to entry for tracking and reporting for smaller businesses.  

Higher quantities of video commercials for products let our clients test as many atomic-designed commercials as possible to find a winning formula. It’s increasingly important with the restrictions on tracking and reporting that Big Tech is currently rolling out. 

Modular Content Creation vs. Traditional and Structured Content Approaches

Now we know how Viscap Media operates with atomic-designed video commercials; how does it compare to the traditional approach to making video commercials? 

We’ve already talked about how atomic-designed commercials let us generate as many videos for products as possible for our clients. It resembles using a machine gun-rapid fire with a high spread shot rather than a sniper.  

The one-shot sniper approach would have been acceptable in the past with plenty of market research to go off of, but that’s no longer the case. Taking a shot in the dark with ONE video is really risky, and if it misses, that can cost A LOT of money.  

In today’s climate, the amount of impressions needed on a potential customer is much higher than in the past. Getting the BEST video ads by using A/B testing and swapping out lower-performing content is the best practice to get the results modern brands are looking for with their commercial budget. 

The old way of making traditional commercials is also too linear. All the commercials start and end the same, with each video being made separately. There’s no customizing or optimizing involved in the production process. If something doesn’t work or there’s a mistake, some companies will have to start all over again from the drawing board to make another asset. It’s impossible to tell which sections will perform the best. Since everything is custom to that one video, replicating and scaling a section based on key insights from tracking is impossible. 

The NEW way of making atomic-design commercials is to fill each basket with winning ideas across the board. Making three hooks, three value props, three CTAs, then mixing and matching. When the winning video’s found, it’s EASILY replicated to scale based on performance data so we can implement changes in real-time and totally based on feedback. 

The time and ad spend on one video could’ve gone towards DOZENS of commercials that could’ve been market-tested for the highest performance. This ensures that winning video commercials are guaranteed instead of spinning a roulette wheel with everything on red, HOPING it converts. 

Is Atomic Designed Content Effective?

Yes, 100%! And then some!  Atomic-designed video commercials are the best practice in this modern era. 

The attention span is going down, with the required number of impressions going up. People are getting bombarded with ads every day, and brands are looking for new ways to cut through the clutter while still resonating with their target audiences. Using platform-specific video ads that differentiate their brand from the competition is best to reach this goal.  

It’s better to test a large number of commercials instead of putting all the company’s hopes and dreams in a single shot. The winning video may even shock you and could’ve been your least favorite one out of the bunch! 

Atomic-designed commercials have really great results for D2C and eCommerce clients alike. The new format is said to take over the commercial video vertical and absolutely dominate the spaceForbes expects that by 2022, 82% of all online consumer traffic will be driven by online commercials, so this is a vast area for brands to invest more into to get the best ROAS possible to drive real conversions. 

Why Hire A Video Commercial and Media Buying Agency

The process of creating atomic-designed video commercials is not easy. We outline the video, write the scripts, cast the talent, film the videos, edit the videos together, then publish and track the content for the best results. This process is a lot of work and is also very time-consuming. It’s even worse if less experienced individuals are making the atomic-designed video commercials. There’s quite a learning curve to everything from writing to filming to tracking and reporting.  

There’s nothing wrong with finding a great creative video commercial agency to do the heavy lifting of commercial video creatives. Here at Viscap Media, we’re marketers at heart and not just geeks with cameras. We want you to get the best possible results with your video commercial campaigns. We’re here to help! To learn more about us, check Viscap Media’s page on video advertising.  

When you’re ready, reach out to us, and we'll be happy to set up a video call and consultation to see how we can best help your brand succeed. 

Some companies aren’t sure how to approach video commercials, content marketing, and different advertising platforms. That’s totally fine! Leave it to the experts to handle these projects so you can go back to running the company you love! 

This way, you’re not having to keep up with modern trends, learning new platforms, and creating gripping video content. When you want to hire a firm for video commercials, I know VisCap Media is a specialist in this field and will be your first call! They know how to increase user engagement with scroll-stopping video commercial content! 

Remember that all of these advertising platforms are essentially pay-to-win, so the best way to win with video commercials is to have a winning paid advertising campaign. At Sellers Alley, they are THE BEST at creating media buying and paid advertising campaigns. 

Anyways, all of these things have learning curves to them, and it’s sometimes better to step away and let the professionals handle the project. Sellers Alley can create a winning paid marketing strategy for your company!  


To make a long story short, let’s run through the main points of the article. Atomic-designed video commercials are the process of creating different parts to be assembled later. The best way of thinking about this is as interchangeable puzzle pieces that get mixed and matched to make many different variations. Atomic-designed video commercials are highly effective, are expected to replace traditional video commercials, and dominate the next decade.  

The number of impressions and the average attention span change by the day. Video commercials, in general, are increasing in importance, with an expected 82% of all consumer internet traffic to be driven by video commercials by 2022. If you need help with video commercials, there’s nothing wrong with contacting professionals to handle the projects. We’re more than geeks with cameras. We’re marketers at heart! 

Want to see what high-quality video product commercials can do for your brand? Contact us at Viscap Media today to get started! As video marketing experts, we know the video marketing industry, the social media platforms, the theory behind marketing, and creating video product content for brands that convert! 

Contact us today, and let’s get started working on your digital marketing campaign plans! 



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