Why is Amazon the best e-commerce platform for advertising?


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Amazon is an e-commerce platform that is getting bigger every day as the number of shoppers is increasing. Although the number of sellers is also getting higher, you can always be successful on this platform if you have a great advertising strategy and high-quality products. 

Amazon Ads 

Advertising on Amazon has become a high-priority asset for all sellers. With such immense competition, they must stand out from the crowd where organic sales and organic rank are not sufficient to compete with other fearless competitors.  

Although PPC advertising represents an investment, it can become profitable in a short period if you have the right product, well-optimized listings, enough units in stock, etc. 

Amazon Ads offers you a wide range of possibilities regarding types of campaigns, targeting groups, ad spaces, and their visual elements. One of the significant advantages of advertising on this e-commerce platform is that Amazon continuously brings innovative solutions and new ad formats.  Each seller can choose from them according to their products and create the most suitable campaigns for their business.  

Metrics on Amazon

The Amazon e-commerce platform gives you detailed data with many metrics for all campaigns. With deep data analysis, you can successfully manage your account and boost your profits. With a deep understanding of all metrics that Amazon is often introducing, you can conclude how to improve your performance and sell more. Although the competition is high in almost all categories, you can become a bestseller and scale your profit with the right strategic approach. 

Creative Assets  

Amazon is always trying to make the advertising console easily approachable for all sellers and agencies so that each person can easily manage his account. New options like Creative assets give you all visuals that have been used in the account during the creation of Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand campaigns. In this way, you can easily find all necessary images, logos, and videos that you want to use again for new campaign creation.  

Brand Metrics

New Brand metrics introduced recently for all registered brands give you all insights regarding your brand to understand its position within its category and shoppers’ behavior in it.  

We noticed that Amazon is now focusing on more sales from registered brands on Amazon. With all these new features that have recently appeared, it wants to facilitate and boost the selling of branded products. The reason behind this is a high number of the same products sold by different sellers, where the only difference among them is the price. It means that all sellers that have products with registered brands and didn’t sell on Amazon yet should join it because they are more than welcome on this e-commerce platform.   

Amazon Attribution

Another interesting advertising metric within the Ads Manager is Amazon Attribution. It allows you to create a campaign where your ad will be displayed on channels other than the Amazon platform, such as social media channels, email channels, video channels, display channels, and many more. 

When a potential shopper clicks on this ad on some channel, it will lead them to your Amazon product page. With this option, you can measure campaigns’ performance and success. This asset can be quite profitable with the right channels that will suit your product the most. In this way, you increase your brand awareness and the chance that shoppers will purchase your products.   

Shipping on Amazon 


shipping on amazon

If Amazon ships your products, you have a higher chance of beating your competitors. The delivery time of your products is much shorter compared with the shipping by the seller. FBA products (products shipped by Amazon) are the most selling because they are delivered the next day after the product order. This asset is indispensable for all sellers, particularly those advertising their products on Amazon, because every shopper would like to receive the product as soon as possible.  


A significant advantage of advertising on Amazon is that you advertise your products on a platform that has become a synonym for online shopping. It’s a place where most visitors have a high intent to buy a product. The number of shoppers and visitors of this e-commerce website is enormous compared to other platforms. With good organic and PPC rank, you have a high chance of becoming a leading seller within your category.   

Amazon PPC is a much safer investment because you just need to choose the right advertising strategy to find your shoppers, and when you do, your business will grow. 

If you want to start selling on Amazon and are a newbie, or you already have your business on Amazon and want to boost your sales, feel free to contact us, and we will give you the best advice for growing your business! 

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Jelena Gajić is a PPC Specialist at Sellers Alley with over three years of experience in Amazon PPC. She is a PPC enthusiast, always looking for new ideas in her field of expertise, and a language lover who speaks English, French and Italian fluently.


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