Amazon PPC services and exclusively tailored advertising campaigns


Do these things give you a headache?

PPC time managemet

Being on top of all the Amazon Space

Develop a Brand protection strategy

Brand account performance

Bad account structuring

Develop a successful advertising strategy

Scaling your business to the next level


We perform in depth account audits and create the best strategy tailored specifically for you

Expand and increase sales, making your brand reach new heights

Provide on trend solutions for all the newest Amazon Advertising features

Provide solutions based on data driven decisions

Optimize your Spend Performance of campaigns



The start of a successful partnership

We begin with an onboarding call to learn about your business and find out your pain points and how we can help.


Account audit

In order to establish the best strategy for your business we’ll perform a free account audit, to identify all problem areas and specific solutions for your needs.



We’ll craft a personalized strategy, that will be tailored specifically to your brand’s needs, strengths and weaknesses, including structural problems, potential spenders, overspending or low traffic keywords, irrelevant search terms etc.



This is where we do our magic. Our team will perform daily and weekly tasks to provide a steady growth for your Amazon account and provide weekly/monthly reports & calls to track all new changes and advances as well as offer trend reports, ideas for possible business expansions or account & listings improvement suggestions.


Sellers Alley is a dedicated Amazon Advertising Agency with more than 10 years of experience in PPC, working with a wide variety of clients from different industries and managing $25mil in spend per annum. We offer custom tailored solutions for each of our clients individually.

Attention to Details is our middle name. Our Sellers Alley team gathers more than 15 PPC wizards, with an average workload of 4 accounts per PPC specialist, to make sure that every account is handled with the utmost care and precision.

We understand the complexity of Amazon marketplace and the unique challenges your brand can face in such a competitive environment. We have a bigger picture mentality, recognizing and focusing on details that can improve and set your product apart.

Your success story is our success story. That’s why our clients are our partners and we learn everything about your business goals, your products weaknesses and strengths. We aim to remove all the obstacles your brand might encounter and put you on an ascending path.

We believe in total transparency, therefore we provide you with detailed reports of results such as ACoS, net ROI, for the whole account as well as for individual products (SKU). With us, you’ll always be on top of your accounts’ development and growth.


This skincare brand was experiencing issues with it’s UK account, that had really bad profitability, with ACoS above 100%, rendering the account unsuitable for further investment.

We started with an initial bid optimization, to make sure we aren’t overspending on certain keywords. Next, we made sure irrelevant search terms aren’t draining limited budgets. After ACoS decreased in the first month, we were able to increase budget limitations and started with keyword research for various types of new manual campaigns, targeted relevant competitors and refined categories.

With almost the same ACoS, we increased PPC sales from 450 to 3.5k in February. During the next month we managed to lower ACoS by almost 20% and exceeded the whole February sales in the first 3 weeks of March, amidst the pandemic of COVID-19. We are being careful with further spending increases because of the overall uncertainty of the global situation and we’re working on new campaigns and incremental changes with high potential impact on sales and profitability.

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Jon Spe – 8 figure seller


We used to spend countless hours working on hundreds of different campaigns. You got that feeling that your campaigns were better but never fully optimized. Hiring Sellersalley has been a huge help. We have been able to unload all of our PPC management for both our own accounts and client accounts. It has freed up our time and improved our overall ACOSs. With the complexity of PPC on Amazon these days, there is no way to perform as well as a team who is doing it all day long.



Working with Sellers Alley PPC has been great. They were the first ppc company that actually made a difference. We had worked with a number of companies previously and these Sellers Alley was able to reduce our spend increase our sales all at a fraction of what we were paying before. I would highly recommend working with them.


Los Angeles, USA

The amazing team at Seller’s Alley were able to improvement all my ppc metrics that another agency dropped the ball on. Having them on my side is not only saving me money, but freeing up time for me to focus on other areas of my business. Communication and reporting with them has been great; I’m a happy camper!

V.B. – 7 figure seller


I’d like to thank Sellers Alley for their amazing service! My firm has been struggling with Amazon PPC for a long time, and since we started working with Sellers Alley, our numbers have improved dramatically. Our PPC went down from 34% to 17%. We highly recommend Sellers Alleys to any business that needs leverage & actual results.

Elastina Trading LTD


Having met Lazar (SellersAlley) at a private amazon event and attending his workshop, I have noticed his experienced knowledge, ins and outs of amazon reports that I have never had idea they existed.

On initial conversation about my needs, Lazar has completed an audit of my account which show cased the negatives and positives of my campaigns and steps to improve the campaigns. He clearly explained what works will be carried out on daily/weekly basis.

Upon payment of the services, I was added to Slack group for easy communication and team updates. The works began immediately and over the next few weeks I saw my campaigns ACoS decrease, my sales increase and my products being defended against competitors.

Overall I am very happy with his services, communications and the reports being sent to me on weekly basis with proof that campaigns are being optimised and are working well. The costs involved to manage the campaigns are very affordable, even for a start-up companies. I would strongly advise to use SellersAlley services to manage your campaigns and see the difference that they make for your business.

O.D. – 8 figure seller


I had the pleasure of meeting Lazar a while ago and he really blew my mind with his super analytical approach to paid ads – in a way I’ve never seen before.

After just a friendly chat I knew I wanted to have him and his team manage our ppc. Previously we did it in house but it’s an art in itself and I would recommend anyone who’s serious about their business try these guys out.

Overall after months of optimizing, we were able to get ACOS down, while bringing sales and rank up.