We help brands reach their maximum with Amazon PPC

What do you get with our Amazon PPC service?
increase sales
Increased sales
The best indicator that your
Amazon account is on the
right track is an increased
number of orders. We will
work constantly to make
your products disappear
from the shelves.
optimize spend
Optimized spend
You want to invest an optimal
amount of money in Amazon
PPC and make a great profit
out of it. By using smart
campaign management, we
will optimize your spend
and every cent you invested
will come back to you.
brand recognition
Brand recognition
If you have quality products,
then you don’t have to worry.
With PPC advertising you
will get brand recognition
and convert visitors of your
product pages to loyal
We are an official partner!

The steps of your Amazon PPC journey

Getting to know you
We begin with an onboarding call to 
learn about your business and find
out your pain points and how we can 
help. Don’t hesitate, tell us all about 
your goals and we will fully dedicate 
to accomplish them.
amazon ppc strategy
Performing a free account audit
If you decided to book a free audit 
first, then this will be your first step 
and afterward, we will get to know 
each other. Anyhow, to establish 
the best strategy for your business, 
we’ll perform a free account audit, 
to identify all problem areas and 
specific solutions for your needs.
amazon ppc audit
Establishing the best strategy 
to meet your goals
We’ll craft a personalized strategy, 
that will be tailored specifically to your 
brand’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, 
including structural problems, potential 
spenders, overspending or low traffic 
keywords, irrelevant search terms, etc.
best ppc strategies
The beginning of a successful partnership
This is where you can relax while 
we do our magic. Our dedicated 
PPC team will perform daily and 
weekly tasks to provide steady 
growth of your Amazon account. 
Besides campaign optimization, 
we will send you weekly/monthly 
reports and make calls to 
trackevery change in your account.
growth of amazon account

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I’d like to thank Sellers Alley for their amazing service! My firm has been struggling with Amazon PPC for a long time, and since we started working with Sellers Alley, our numbers have improved dramatically. Our PPC went down from 34% to 17%. We highly recommend Sellers Alley to any business that needs leverage & actual results.
amazon ppc service
V.B. 7 figure seller
The amazing team at Sellers’s Alley was able to improve all my PPC metrics that another agency dropped the ball on. Having them on my side is not only saving me money, but freeing up time for me to focus on other areas of my business. Communication and reporting with them has been great: I’m a happy camper!
ppc improvement
Mehran K. - Brand Owner
I had the pleasure of meeting Lazar a while ago and he really blew my mind with his super analytical approach to paid ads – in a way I’ve never seen before. After just a friendly chat I knew I wanted to have him and his team manage our PPC. Overall after months of optimizing, we were able to get ACOS down, while bringing sales and rank up.
ppc management
O.D. – 8 figure seller