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Why should you use Google Ads?

growth of e-commerce sales
If you are a brand owner, the time to start advertising with Google is now! The e-commerce sales are only going to continue growing and the chance to scale your brand is getting higher with Google Ads. Grab your opportunity and increase your revenue.

Use Google Ads to unlock your 
brand’s potential and...

  Increase your
website traffic
  Get more
real leads
increase website traffic
get more leads
maximize revenue

Follow your customers through 
the sales funnel

sales funnels
With the right strategy, you will be able to identify the buyers’ journey phase of your potential customers. This is essential since you need to adjust your ads to capture their attention at the right moment. We can help you to bring them from the exploration phase to purchase or provoke their interest!

Present your products or services 
through engaging ad formats...

Google Search

These ads can help
you reach more 
potential customers 
when they type in a 
search query that is 
relevant to your 
google search
More than 70% of Revenue comes from Search Campaigns in Q4.

Google Display

Visual ads that can
 help you convert more 
visitors that come from 
third-party websites 
to buy your products or services.
google display
38% of all ad impressions come from Display Ads.

Google Shopping

Navigate potential 
customers to your 
e-commerce shop 
through Google Shopping ads!
google shoping
These campaigns bring around 25% of the revenue from Google Ads.

YouTube Video

Attract more visitors 
through the unique 
video ads that convert, 
and stay on top of their minds!
youtube video
Average YouTube Ads View Rate is 27% if your video creatives meet the standards.

We will build an efficient plan for 
your brand through a simple process

efficient plan for your brand

Why should you choose us?

spend sales roas

Some of the success stories that 
we are really proud of...

Category: Beauty industry client
Low investment and sales through Google Ads services.
• Developing the channels in order to increase user reach and traffic and optimize campaigns by results.
• Repairing old campaigns that were not efficient (low ROAS). 
• Switching to Data-driven attribution for better data understanding.
• Switching to automated bidding, and Smart Shopping.
Starting results 
November 2020
Shopping ad costs:
Ad Revenue:
Results after one month 
First week of January 2021
Shopping ad costs:
Ad Revenue:
By increasing Paid traffic we started capturing an increase in Organic Traffic. This 
means that Paid campaigns influenced strongly in increasing incremental number 
of conversions by building awareness, after which users searched and used 
organic sources to reach the site.
success stories

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