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We have a team of Google specialists ready to evaluate your account’s effectiveness by identifying problematic points. The goal of our in-depth analysis is to improve your overall account performance. Scroll to see how we do it!
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Review of your goals and overall
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Analysis of active campaigns and
suggestions for new possibilities
Overview of keywords and search terms
Insights into audiences, demographics,
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Still Not Convinced? See How We
Helped Brands Improve Their Business
With Our Google Ads Service.

Our client from the beauty industry had low investment and sales through Google Ads services. After the initial account audit, we’ve created a tailor-made strategy based on the next steps:
Developing the channels to
increase user reach and traffic
Optimizing campaigns by results
Repairing inefficient old campaigns (low ROAS)
Switching to Data-driven attribution for better data understanding
Shifting to automated bidding and Smart Shopping
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Starting results 
November 2020
Shopping ad costs:
Ad Revenue:
Results after one month 
First week of January 2021
Shopping ad costs:
Ad Revenue: