We are data-driven, and our actions are based on numbers.


ppc agency
By hiring Sellers Alley, you are hiring your new team members who will provide stable and steady growth of your account and make sure that we squeeze the most juice out of the Amazon marketplace for you.
ppc onboarding questionnaire
STEP 1: Learn about each other
Before we even start working together, we would like to have a call with you. Onboarding call followed by a small questionnaire is an important part of a successful partnership.
STEP 2: Account examination
After we get familiar with your business, needs and problems, we inspect the current situation of your account. In this step you will get a free account audit that will point out all the low hanging fruits and fast wins, new opportunities and the steps we are going to make in order to boost your sales. We will point out all the structural problems, overspending keywords, missed opportunities, non-advertised products, keywords with low traffic, all the hidden potential rockstar-search terms, terms that are irrelevant and also potential spenders.
amazon account audit
ppc strategy
STEP 3: Start
This is the step when you can enjoy other activities and focus on different segments of your business.After approximately 3 weeks you will start seeing the results – our team of PPC experts is paying close attention to details and analyzing all the changes happening in the account. In this stage you will gain access to our Slack channel where you will be able to monitor all the changes being made – we are at your service and always ready to answer any of your questions.
STEP 4: Operations
We have a good eye for details and our work is always double-checked. We perform optimizing operations:
Daily +
Daily Spend 
Budget changes 
ACoS Changes 
Other activities including exploration for potential improvements
Once of few times a week +
Keyword harvesting 
Negative keyword harvesting 
Bidding optimization 
Analyzing search term reports 
PPC effect on overall account performance
SERP Analysis and tracking main keywords
Update of our internal tracker and performance check
Weekly +
Al the metrics for the previous period compared with the data from the previous report 
ASIN performance analysis 
Analysis of PPC efforts compared to overall account performance 
Account trends analysis
Monthly +
We want to inform you in small details about your account, show you our plans for the next month and also we would like to hear more about your impressions and problems you are dealing with
ppc operations

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