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The next topic we are going to cover is:

Google Ads strategies you should use in 2021 

This year, pay
close attention to
Google Ads. Why?
Because the
digital ad spend
is getting higher each year and the power of Google advertising can turn your small business into a well-known brand worldwide! Which kind of strategy should you implement to hit your goals? Are video ads a thing this year also? How should you do a proper remarketing? Find out in our next PPC talk with experts! 

PPC predictions for 2021

The year behind us was full of surprises, that’s for sure! Still, Amazon managed to increase its revenue and overcome every obstacle. Will this trend continue in 2021? Will Amazon continue to spread its influence around the planet? What can we do to ensure growth next year? Follow this live PPC talk and get some really useful insights as we dive into PPC trends for 2021!

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Meet your speaker:

Stevan Bjedov
 The Google&DSP specialist
 at Sellers Alley 

Our next guest is Stevan Bjedov, the Google&DSP specialist at Sellers Alley. Stevan is a PPC and Analytics specialist, with more than 4 years of experience in digital marketing, covering PPC, in-depth analysis&implementation and SEO. He has worked with a lot of clients, from small businesses to global brands which lead him to an ascending career path as a Google and Amazon digital advertising specialist.

Meet your host:

Lazar Žepinić
CEO of Sellers Alley

Lazar has been a PPC Specialist for 10 years. He has worked mostly on active advertising platforms with some of the biggest brands in the world including Samsung, Sony, and many others. Lazar has worked with 7-9 figure Amazon sellers and has experience in optimizing multi-million accounts on both Seller Central and Amazon Advertising platforms.

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