Success Stories
From bottom to the top of search!
We took over this account in November. When we started working, our PPC team noticed that many products don’t have separate campaigns so our job was to build this account basically from scratch. Besides, the client already had his own team and workflow so we also needed to adapt to this. However, one of the main challenges escalated in January when lots of client items went out of stock.

Our job was to make sure that all products stay visible on Amazon in spite of different restrictions on this platform. We paused the campaigns which had out of stock items and lowered the bids. As mentioned, when we started managing this brand, it had few products on their account so we’ve added new auto and manual campaigns for every product launch. Besides these types of campaigns we’ve added ASIN targeting campaigns where we targeted our main competitors. Since this is one of the biggest accounts we’ve worked on, we had to adapt to changes fast and to cooperate with clients’ teams so the brand can grow even more. Communication with this client was very efficient since we had a great overview of his requests and worked accordingly. This is why the account continued to grow even during the corona crisis when we monitored the account more often. This included detailed tracking of bids and search terms so we can avoid unnecessary spend during this hectic period.
On these charts you can see an increase of spend and sales because we’ve added new campaigns continuously. ACoS was the lowest at the beginning of December and the lowest level of TACoS until now was 3.05% Besides, you can see continuous growth of revenue from ads with the exception during the first corona period and also in May when we had a lower budget. Total revenue also has a steady growth (with minor ups and downs during corona outbreak) and we can see its peak last month. Seeing these results and having products back in stock, we expect further improvement of every metric, higher budget and new campaigns leading to more sales.