Jon Spe – 8 figure seller


We used to spend countless hours working on hundreds of different campaigns. You got that feeling that your campaigns were better but never fully optimized. Hiring Sellersalley has been a huge help. We have been able to unload all of our PPC management for both our own accounts and client accounts. It has freed up our time and improved our overall ACOSs. With the complexity of PPC on Amazon these days, there is no way to perform as well as a team who is doing it all day long.



Working with Sellers Alley PPC has been great. They were the first ppc company that actually made a difference. We had worked with a number of companies previously and these Sellers Alley was able to reduce our spend increase our sales all at a fraction of what we were paying before. I would highly recommend working with them.


Los Angeles, USA

The amazing team at Seller’s Alley were able to improvement all my ppc metrics that another agency dropped the ball on. Having them on my side is not only saving me money, but freeing up time for me to focus on other areas of my business. Communication and reporting with them has been great; I’m a happy camper!

V.B. – 7 figure seller


I’d like to thank Sellers Alley for their amazing service! My firm has been struggling with Amazon PPC for a long time, and since we started working with Sellers Alley, our numbers have improved dramatically. Our PPC went down from 34% to 17%. We highly recommend Sellers Alleys to any business that needs leverage & actual results.

Elastina Trading LTD


Having met Lazar (SellersAlley) at a private amazon event and attending his workshop, I have noticed his experienced knowledge, ins and outs of amazon reports that I have never had idea they existed.

On initial conversation about my needs, Lazar has completed an audit of my account which show cased the negatives and positives of my campaigns and steps to improve the campaigns. He clearly explained what works will be carried out on daily/weekly basis.

Upon payment of the services, I was added to Slack group for easy communication and team updates. The works began immediately and over the next few weeks I saw my campaigns ACoS decrease, my sales increase and my products being defended against competitors.

Overall I am very happy with his services, communications and the reports being sent to me on weekly basis with proof that campaigns are being optimised and are working well. The costs involved to manage the campaigns are very affordable, even for a start-up companies. I would strongly advise to use SellersAlley services to manage your campaigns and see the difference that they make for your business.

O.D. – 8 figure seller


I had the pleasure of meeting Lazar a while ago and he really blew my mind with his super analytical approach to paid ads – in a way I’ve never seen before.

After just a friendly chat I knew I wanted to have him and his team manage our ppc. Previously we did it in house but it’s an art in itself and I would recommend anyone who’s serious about their business try these guys out.

Overall after months of optimizing, we were able to get ACOS down, while bringing sales and rank up.

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