We’re excited to start working on your Amazon PPC account!Your success story is our success story. That’s why our clients are our partners and that is why our aim is to remove all the obstacles that you might encounter and put you on an ascending path. Thank you for choosing us!Now we will ask you a couple of things so we can get to know your business better and maximize your results!


These are our colleagues with whom you will communicate on a daily basis:

Luka is an Account Manager at Sellers Alley, and ever since he joined the team he was engaged in communication with clients. He has a degree in communication, and with his previous experience in event organization and client communication, he was the perfect fit for our team!

Aleksandra is a Sales and Onboarding specialist with a background in Economics and Sales. She is in charge of onboarding and making clients feel as welcome as possible. Aleksandra joined the company in 2020 and has since been in charge of communication with clients, sales, and onboarding. Previously she worked as a project coordinator in the NGO sector with a special focus on fundraising and potential client negotiations.

Katarina is an Account Assistant at Sellers Alley. Her work includes working with clients on their marketing strategies and communicating with them on a daily basis to improve PPC sales gradually. Besides marketing, she has a strong passion for graphic design and cooking. She enjoys playing the piano and drums and loves to travel.

Kristina is an Account Executive Intern. With her experience in representing big industries, she works as a link between Sellers Alley and clients, actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience. Besides loving her work, and being a modern craftsman, she has a history in medicine, social media management, and marketing, and nurtures passions in all areas of music, art, movies, games, and practical design.

Kristina is the new fresh and smiley face of Sellers Alley Sales team. She is probably the first one that you'll meet from our agency, and she will make sure that all your questions get answered. She quickly took over communication with clients, sales and the onboarding part of the process. She has experience as a journalist and has a communication degree.
Here at Sellers Alley, we are huge fans of Slack! It is an incredibly useful chatroom tool and makes our communication with clients effective and efficient. Also, your mail inbox will stay clean and so will our communication. If you choose this type of communication, find more info about using Slack here

Of course if you are a fan of classical communication through emails or you like video calls via Skype, we can also arrange that.  
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Our workflow
Weekly Report

Every week, you will get a detailed report from your ad campaigns (spend, ACoS, average cost per click, sessions for ads, ad impressions etc). These metrics will be compared to the ones from the previous period so you can see how your account is growing day by day.
Day-to-Day Communication

We like to stay in everyday touch with our clients. To do this, we are using Slack which is a great channel for two-way communication. Slack is also the best tool for exchanging business opinions and sharing products assets throughout the project engagement.
Monthly Team Call

Even though we will communicate via Slack often, there is also an option to schedule a monthly call. On this call we will consider the future strategies and actions and talk about the progress we made in the previous period.
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Now tell us about yourself
Sellers Alley team is looking forward to future cooperation and growing your Amazon sales! We are always at your service so feel free to contact us at office@sellersalley.com if you have any additional questions.